Salzer explores jobs in other districts

By David Han
Published: December 2008

After almost three years of working at Newton South, Principal Brian Salzer has made public that, although he has made no final decision, he is interviewing for the positions of superintendent and assistant superintendent in other school districts.

“Though I enjoyed the role of principal at South and find this school exceptional in many ways, I am interested in investigating opportunities to increase my leadership role in a school district, Salzer said in his Principal’s Perspective newsletter.

Salzer’s contract with the Newton Public Schools officially ends June 30, 2009.

Salzer noted that “this is [his] first time through a contract in Newton, so [he] doesn’t know what to expect [in terms of a contract after June 30], Salzer said.

“In my last district, you had a rolling contract, so you always had two years, and then each year, if you are evaluated well, as I was, then you are given another year, Salzer said. “I’ve never been through a process like this before.

In response to Salzer’s announcement, Superintendent Jeffrey Young said that he respects “Mr. Salzer’s desire to extend his leadership to other, broader settings.

Young made clear that he appreciates the many accomplishments Salzer achieved during his time thus far at South.

“Mr. Salzer has done some very good things at Newton South, Young said. “Although we would miss him, we feel confident that we could hire an excellent principal for the future.

The prospect of becoming a superintendent is not a novel idea to Salzer.

“Years ago, I went to graduate school and earned my licenses to become a superintendent and a business manager with the idea that someday I may look to see if there was availability for me to move up into that role, Salzer said.

There are currently many superintendent vacancies in Massachusetts, according to Salzer.

As reported in a December 11 Boston Globe article, Salzer withdrew his candidacy for Lynn Superintendent, but he is still candidating for positions in other school districts.

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