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Four walls to hold me

By Joe Marini
Published: December 2008

Lecture hall– ha, more like a torture chamber. I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys going to that place. The lecture hall system is fatally flawed; the fact of the matter is, kids hate going.

If you want to talk to your friends, teachers scold you; if you actually want to get work done, obnoxious kids make it impossible to concentrate.

Furthermore, the teachers in the lecture hall are extremely grumpy, since they too are forced to be there. Their grudging presence does not make the unpleasant experience any better, and now those teachers say that they are not even allowed to send kids to the library.

Earlier in the year, I had the fortune to slip off to the library along with four other students. I find that it’s a much quieter atmosphere, in contrast to the crowded lecture hall, where there are anywhere from 50 to 80 students during any particular block.

I don’t see why we as sophomores are bound to this process during first semester. I strongly believe that we are responsible enough to have a real, open-campus free block. If the school that we can be trusted during second semester, why not first semester as well? What is the defining difference?

Tenth graders should be able to go to places like the student center or the field house.

That way, no matter if students want to talk or get work done, they will be able to do either.

It’s gotten to the point where at times, I would rather just have a class block rather than go to the lecture hall. Today, I learned that my wellness teacher couldn’t teach, so we had to go to the lecture hall. I realized then that I would much rather have a wellness class than be corralled in there for another 55 minutes. That’s right, the dullness of my “free has topped that of a normal class.

Of course, missing a lecture hall counts as an unexcused absence, which can then potentially result in a detention.

I know a lot of people who have skipped one or more of their lecture hall blocks, and they were forced to either fabricate some sort of excuse for why they weren’t there or accept a detention. And the worst part of this whole ordeal is that a lot of the students who skip only do so in order to actually be productive and get their work done.Whoever masterminded the whole lecture hall system has gone and created one of the worst institutions in all of Newton South High School. The sophomore class, including myself, cannot wait until we are able to have an actual free block. If we are released from this prison of unproductivity, we will surely find a way to put it to better use than sitting idly in the lecture hall.

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