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Art Focus: Allon Libermann

By Denebola
Published: December 2008

By Andrea Braver

Senior Allon Libermann is far from a typical Newton South student. With passion, inspiration and sheer talent, Libermann captivates his peers with his non-traditional, creative artistry.

Before high school, Libermann’s artwork was not a true passion; he mostly doodled and sketched during his free time. Yet in his sophomore year at South, his passion for art exploded and became a serious part of his life.

Taking different courses in mixed media has allowed him to expand his knowledge of glass, construction, and other forms of creative media. His major breakthrough in art occurred over the past summer when Libermann attended the pre-college program for art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. “That was my favorite art experience to date, Libermann said.

Many of Libermann’s drawings come from inspiration from the artwork of famous artists including Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Edward Hopper, and Egon Shiele.

However, his favorite artist, German expressionist, Otto Dix, is where his main source of inspiration lies. These artists “can sometimes give [him] a spark or inspiration to create a piece, Libermann said.

His environment and the people around him also inspire Liebermann; he gets ideas from nature and anything that creates a particular emotion, interest or memory.

If he comes across something appealing or intriguing, he might choose to draw or paint it and place his own twist on it. Although greatly influenced by his environment, Libermann is also appreciative of his family, specifically of his parents for continuing support of his art.

Libermann, who does not have a favorite medium, is still playing with different mediums and enjoys creating different types of artwork. He likes to keep his artwork fresh and exciting through paintings, drawings, oil paints, and creative 3D pieces as well, including forms of art sculpture.

His artwork generates a more classic and realistic vibe, which includes pictures of objects in nature, such as trees, people, sports activities and more.

That isn’t to say Libermann does not create contemporary and modern artwork as well. Libermann is also a fan of abstract works of art that include contrasts of light and unique objects. He varies his artwork and continually changes up his style.

By frequently improving and updating his style and mediums Liebermann believes that the quality of his artwork has increased tremendously. Practice makes perfect, and Libermann certainly has been practicing a lot.

In terms of art-related plans for the future, Libermann is not entirely sure. Although attending art school is a goal, and he has applied to many different schools, he does not have one dream school in mind. Libermann simply plans to attend a college in which he may continue doing what he loves most: creating art.

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