November 2008 Issue

By Jon Ostrowsky The girls' cross-country team won the Division I All-State meet on November 15, and earned a spot at Regionals which will take place at Wappingers Falls, New York next Saturday.

Obama ignites Kenyan pride while masking deeper conflict

By Amrita Rao | Published: November 2008
Euphoria filled the streets of Nairobi when news came in at seven in the morning that Barack Obama would be the next president of the United States. Kenyans stayed up all night, tracking the latest election results and the distribution of electoral votes. That morning, after one of the longest campaign seasons in American history, Kenya's dream was realized.

Race for City Hall: Paul Coletti on Education

By Morgan Seiler | Published: November 2008
The presidential race may be over, but the Newton mayor race has just started. Over the course of the race, Denebola will interview the candidates about their positions on issues important to schools such as education. Denebola recently interviewed the four current candidates for mayor about their views on education. Here is Alderman Paul Coletti:

E for Effort

By Gabriel Schneider | Published: November 2008
Often in school, students feel that their efforts supercede the grading system completely. After striving to participate in that boring class, or after finding a compelling thesis for your paper; after taking extensive outlines on readings or after finally understanding that abstract concept, what do you get? A grade point average.

No more secret security

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
Almost a year ago, Denebola reported the existence of secret security cameras installed at Newton South. These cameras, disguised as smoke detectors, were located at “hot spots for theft and vandalism around the building. Since then, the existing cameras were removed, both in response to public outrage and violation of Massachusetts fire regulations.

Anonymous Letters: A senior WISE project

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
By Ellie Crowley Over the past two months, senior Maggie Hollander has received over 200 letters, all unsigned. She has undertaken an original WISE project, inspired by an exercise created by South teacher David Bloom for his senior acting class. “He asked our class to do what I'm asking of Newton South: write a letter to someone saying something you've always wanted to tell him or her, Hollander said.  She was moved by the fact that she felt that she could relate to most of the situations her peers had experienced. “Unique situations, ones I had felt so alone in, were in fact far more common than I'd ever imagined, Hollander said.

Multiple viewpoints

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
On a late Monday afternoon, I sat in my history classroom discussing the vice presidential debate from the previous week. My enthusiasm for the topic dwindled as my classmates belabored the same points. As each person stated his or her view, I wondered to myself, does every person truly share the same viewpoint? Or could some just be too shy to stand up against the crowd?

Angler, The Cheney Vice-Presidency

By George Abbott White | Published: November 2008
Author: Barton Gellman It's a good thing our President-Elect taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Alongside saving the economy, managing two wars, rebuilding America's relations with virtually every country on the planet, reversing global warming and effecting U.S. energy independence, Barack Obama's most important task may well be setting the nation's legal house in order.

Clubs at South open doors to students to experience Africa

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
By Annie Orenstein Started in 2006 by history teacher Andrew Thompson, the Newton Tanzania Collaborative (NTC) has been educating South students of all grades about Tanzania and its strong cultural history.

Reflections under Echo Bridge

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
Near my house, in the middle of a small park, one of the largest stone bridges in the country'€Echo Bridge'€spans the Charles River.

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