What I carry to the movies

By Denebola
Published: November 2008

As I watch the first scene from the movie of my life, I anxiously wait for the most profound and inspirational things that I carry to appear on the screen. While I gaze at the movie, the question that continuously runs through my head is: “What in my life is so significant that I continue to carry it in my memory or in my pocket?

I ponder this over a bag of popcorn, a box of Sour Patch Kids and a can of Diet Pepsi. Then it dawned on me that my most valued processions are merely two five-by-eight centimeter plastic cards.

One, specifically, is from Starbucks. Why? Because I like their drinks, but more importantly, the card reminds me of the two years that I spent at the coffee shop every Sunday with my two best friends.

We talked about life, false rumors, family, and the world in general. We used to say how without “Coffee Hour, we would not be able to last the week.

With those memories, I carry the fact that we don’t meet every Sunday any longer, but why carry the bad when it’s much more enjoyable to think about the fond memories that I have of them? I kick up my feet, close my eyes and remember the good times that I had with my two best friends; enjoying life, a Chai Tea Latté and each other’s friendship.

The second card that I keep in my wallet is a Simons Mall debit card, given to me by one of the most inspirational people in my life, my Grandma.

With that card, I carry her face, her voice, her love and her compassion. Four months after receiving that present, she passed away, leaving me with a Simons Mall debit card and a lifetime of memories.

As the years went on, I secretly left a few extra dollars on that card so that I would have an excuse to carry it around with me. While I do not need that card to remember my Grandma Dolores, it always makes me feel just a little bit closer to her.

When I think about these two plastic cards and life experiences in general, I like to carry with them at least three positive thoughts for every negative one.

Whenever a negative thought pops into my mind, I do all that I can to push it out of my memory.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to spend the precious time that they have on this earth wallowing in the bad when there are so many more joyful experiences to cherish. I try not to hold grudges and I always try to forgive and forget, for I believe that we all carry with us the best of intentions and hopefully, more positive than negative thoughts in our head.

So, as one scene in the movie ends and another begins, I will continue to carry my most important possessions with me.

While these items are only the size of a credit card, the memories evoked by the Starbucks logo and my Grandma’s signature help me remember the good experiences that I have had. Although the cards may remind me of some sad times, I guess I am lucky that the sour memories mix easily with the sweet, and in the end, just like those Sour Patch Kids that I polished off during the movie, the sweetness is a lot more enjoyable to taste.

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