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Student drivers need to stall

By Denebola
Published: November 2008

Someone is going to die. Many of the student-drivers at this school treat Brandeis Road like it’s a portion of the Daytona Speedway. The sound of a revving engine or sight of a car, zipping around corners, has become routine. The five minutes before, after, and during period changes is by far the most hazardous time. Cars angrily return and leave Newton South at speeds worthy of the Autobahn.

The reason for this is unknown. Leaving school in a hurry makes some sense; many students eagerly await the final bell of a school day, and what better way to get home then at 60 miles an hour? This theory, however, is invalidated by the students who drive at identical speeds when returning to school. If you don’t want to be in class, what’s the hurry?

The only possible conclusion is that some students have come to the belief that flooring Mommy and Daddy’s station wagon is cool.Accelerating quickly for short distances is bad for the car, it wastes gas, and judging from the numerous dents, cracks, and scratches adorning many cars in the student parking area, many drivers can’t handle the speed.

Many people disregard crosswalks and underestimate how unexpectedly students can find themselves in the middle of the street. It is not uncommon to see cars, going over 40 miles an hour, breaking hard feet away from a student or narrowly swerving around them.

If this occurrence continues to grow or does not at least begin to subside, with the addition of new student drivers, someone is going to get seriously injured.

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