Powderpuff Preview: Class of 2009 vs. Class of 2010 (Continued)

By Adam Sangiolo
Published: November 2008

The junior girls have been practicing fiercely for the upcoming annual Powder Puff game. Led by promising Junior coaches Scott Lueders, Liam O’Flaherity, Sam Hyun, and Jeremy Rubera, the girls are looking forward to facing the challenge of beating the senior girls. Taught by Joanna Norton and Joanna Vrouliannis, two coaches who provide great strategy and insight to the game of football, the team chemistry has been phenomenal thus far.

Coach Lueders is fearless and has his mind set on winning the game no matter what. “We are going to win this game, Lueders said. The coaches all convened on what the best strategy would be and decided on the simple wishbone offense. The team has great fluency with its offense, and the coaches are confident in all of their players.

The offensive line is led by Ashley Santoes, who stands strong to protect the offensive backfield. The one-two punch of Estie Martin and Marissa Leavitt at quarterback could be deadly. “We are confident our quarterback’s will get the ball where it needs to go, said O’Flaherity.

Promising running backs Jasmyne Wilder and Pebbles Banks are confident they can get the job done. Specialist Kodia Baye-Cigna will also aid the offense. The offense is confident they can put points on the board, and know that if they get off to a fast start, they can set the tone for the game.

The team plans to use a 3-4 defense. They are confident they will be quick and agile throughout the game. “Many players on the defense are very fast and strong, they are never intimidated, Hyun said.

Defense has been seen as the stronghold for the junior girls. Led by defensive lineman Jenn Mountain and three great linebackers, Karina Barenbaum, Quinn Ferraro, and Vanessa Galius, they are confident there will be no big plays, especially with Merry Berman at safety.

“Our goal is to win, that’s what we are looking to do, win, Lueders said. “We expect our defense to fly around, make big plays, and set the tone of the game early.

The defense also offers great depth with players like Noam Eilam who have proven to be strong and quick to the ball.

¯¯¯ Although some people may take the Powder-Puff game lightly, many of the coaches do not. They expect to practice hard for the next few weeks, and achieve their ultimate goal of victory. The team’s strategy is to play at a fast tempo with no excuses.

The girls know that in order to beat the athletic class of 2009, they will have to be on the top of their game. “Our coaches are putting us in positions which they feel we will excel in. We know what we can do, we just have to do it, Martin said.

¯¯¯ The junior class is confident, but not overly cocky. They know that they will have to put great effort in and out of practice to get the outcome they desire in this game.

Although the road is long and their goal is difficult, the junior girls hope to battle out an epic Powder Puff game and come home with a victory.

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