Bob’s: a worthy lunch stop for hungry South students

By Denebola
Published: November 2008

By Dan Friedman

Every Monday for the past two months, I, along with my friend Ben Seifer, have made the trek to Bob’s Sub Stop third lunch after an excruciatingly long physics class. We pretend to switch off who drives there, but Ben is the one who usually ends up driving because I am lazy. Anyway, the drive is usually carefree and fun.

We listen to Pearl Jam and a rare copy of an acoustic version of some song Ben found at his camp. Driving up the road to the Holy Grail that is Elliot Street, I sometimes mistake the sun for a fiery halo from heaven, spotlighting Bob’s.

Parking is in the back, and though it is slightly inconvenient, the sacrifice of walking 20 feet is a small price to pay, especially when you can look forward to a calorie loaded sub upon entering.

The inside of the store is perfect. Commemorative Boston sports paraphernalia cover the walls. Posters of Fenway and David Ortiz, and the numbers of various Patriots players are examples of the décor. What makes the store so nice, however, is the Newton South schedule posted on the wall near the cash register.

The stop only has three main tables, but plenty of window space for seating and small portable tabletops to eat on contribute to the homey atmosphere.

Now we can finally discuss the best part about Bob’s. The food. First an important disclaimer: Nothing you order at Bob’s will ever be bad. Ben sometimes becomes so stricken by the quality of the food that he has to take a moment to sit in his chair, dumbfounded.

“How do they have the uncanny ability to produce sandwiches whose first bite tastes as good as the last? Although Ben orders buffalo chicken wraps, his comment about their sandwiches still holds. Bob’s is exquisite.

I personally like the selection. While Ben is happy with the same thing every time, I have explored different options. I am not quite the Bob’s connoisseur that other, more experienced kids in my grade such as Will Richardson or Andrew Tye, are. Anywho, I know a thing or two, and here are a few suggestions.

The chicken parm is out-of-this-worldly delicious. It is so delicious that I tend to order extra-larges. Ben can attest to the following story. As I took the third bite of my extra large chicken parm one day, I started to hear what sounded like Beethoven’s fifth symphony. The sensation was strange, and I looked to Ben to see if he was hearing similar things. The expression on his face told me yes.

The music reminded me of something a talented Canadian slam poet once said. He describes listening to Beethoven as if “we could finally watch love and hate dance together in a waltz of such precision and beauty that we finally understood.

At that moment, the two of us finally did understand. It didn’t even matter when we turned around and realized that the music we thought we had been listening to was only the harsh sounds of construction outside the sub stop.

With the chicken parm in my mouth, every drill into the ground sounded like the most beautiful music. It is these moments at Bob’s that get me through my difficult weeks at South.

The atmosphere is really great all around. Customers pay only after they are completely finished eating. I have never seen anyone run out of the store without paying, and this proves just how much people respect Bob’s policy.

Also, the people who work at Bob’s could not be nicer. Any customer can expect a warm welcome when they enter the store.

Finally, as an added bonus for high school customers, every time you order a sub, you can enter a lottery. First place winners get five free subs, and the four finalists after get a free sub each.

The more you go, the better your chances. So for juniors and seniors who can drive, and sophomores and freshman who can persuade their parents to sneak them out of lecture hall sessions, venture over to Bob’s, and prepare to change the way you look at sandwiches.

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