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Art Focus: Miri Tiraspolski

By Denebola
Published: November 2008

By Cassey Henk

Although senior Miri Tiraspolski is one of the many brilliant artists in Newton South, she did not always have a passion for art.

Before Tiraspolski came to America in middle school, she lived in Israel where she mostly doodled in diaries and notebooks. “Besides from doodling here and there I didn’t start drawing until I came to South, Tiraspolski said.

As a child, Tiraspolski attended some art classes, but never really developed a liking for studio art. As a freshman, Tiraspolski signed up for Studio Art class and ever since then, she has been hooked. She began drawing mostly cartoons then progressed to printing, drawing, painting, and sketching.

When she’s not spending time in the art room, Tiraspolski either takes care of her plants, which she grows in her room, or draws. She devotes much of her time to drawing because it’s something to do that is uncomplicated. It clicks with her.

“A lot of what I know is self-taught. I’ve recently been doing more printing than drawing, but this is my first year I really knew anything about ‘Ëœprinting,’ she said.

Before Studio Art, she had no idea that this kind of printing existed. This simple process entails sculpting an object, putting on ink, and then pressing it on a piece of paper. Most of her work nowadays has been that sort of printing. Her drawings, paintings, prints, and even sculptures contain a multitude of plants.

One of her sculptures even had actual moss in the artwork. She grows a lot of plants in her house because she likes how plants are ‘Ëœraw.’ She likes how plants are not just green and beautiful, but are full of surprises that inspire creativity.

Many artists need a certain environment to produce their work, but Miri does not have these reservations.

“I can’t create when I’m in a foul mood, but I can basically draw anywhere, she said. All she needs to do is put on some of her favorite electronic music and start drawing.

The talented artist has never put any of her art in a contest. She values her artwork as a personal accomplishment, and therefore she likes to keep it private.  She draws a lot at her house, but she says that most of the artwork is unfinished and in a pile. She hopes to one day finish them.

Besides from her mother enrolling her in art classes, Tiraspolski draws the most inspiration from Marcel Duchamp. Tiraspolski also finds inspiration in surrealist and religious art.

“Baroque is inspiring to me as well, Tiraspolski said. She enjoys Marcel Duchamp’s famous painting, a toilet.

“He basically turned a toilet upside down and wrote his name on it and said, ‘ËœThis is art.’ Even though she has never done something that out there, her artwork is still unique.

She likes to create pleasant images in her work but also includes a lot of natural life forms, like bugs. Tiraspolski plans to take her talent to art school after high school ends.

“I’m hoping to go to art school. MassArt is my first choice, she said.

Tiraspolski has an intrinsic talent for art and she most definitely has the passion for it.

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