November 2008 Issue

Fighting ensues in Congo, but help is on the way

By Kevin Lee | Published: November 2008
Despite a formal cease-fire declared in 2003, hostilities still exist in the new Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Second Congo War, also known as the Civil War of Congo, involved over seven African countries and resulted in the deaths of over 5 million people. The largest and most costly war since World War II, the civil war displaced and killed thousands of Congolese through disease, starvation, and brutal conflicts.
I left the main double doors and headed towards my car, sitting in the empty senior lot. Dusk had begun to fall over Newton South, and the unfamiliar autumn air nipped at my face. I saw a familiar figure, which turned out to be a fellow a senior. I found it odd that an upperclassman would be standing alone well after school hours.

Learning vs. Grades

By Jake Palmer | Published: November 2008
Many South students feel that grades take the “fun out of learning. They argue that grades create a stressful, competitive atmosphere in which getting a high score becomes more important than learning the material, making school less about learning and more about getting the right score.

View from the Top: Max Pava and Jarrod Milshtein

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
What up Newton South? We hope that you are enjoying reading the paper today, and that your teacher hasn't rudely taken it away or made you put it under your desk. We realize that in this part of the article it is tradition to insult everyone in the school that is not a senior. The class of '09 (lookin' fine) is the last single digit class to go through Newton South, so simply put, classes of '10, '11, and '12, enjoy crappy class chants for the rest of high school.

After two swastikas, calls for tolerance

By Nathan Yeo | Published: November 2008
Following last week's discovery of a two swastikas at places of worship in Newton, about 200 members of the Newton community gathered at an outdoor rally Sunday at Temple Shalom in West Newton to denounce hatred and promote equality and tolerance.

Powderpuff Preview: Class of 2009 vs. Class of 2010

By Andrew Klegman | Published: November 2008
With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the chilling winds of winter in the air, the stage is set for the final battle on the South football field. No, it is not the boy's thanksgiving game against Lincoln-Sudbury, t's Powderpuff.

Skepticism remains amid celebrations in Ghana

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
By Lolan Ekow Sagoe-Moses “Barack, Barack Barack Obama! The radio buzzes to the popular reggae rhythm of musician Black Rasta's latest hit song. My head is buried in this weeks' copy of Time magazine and I try to block the music out and focus on an article concerning the Big Bang theory.

Powderpuff Preview: Class of 2009 vs. Class of 2010 (Continued)

By Adam Sangiolo | Published: November 2008
The junior girls have been practicing fiercely for the upcoming annual Powder Puff game. Led by promising Junior coaches Scott Lueders, Liam O'Flaherity, Sam Hyun, and Jeremy Rubera, the girls are looking forward to facing the challenge of beating the senior girls. Taught by Joanna Norton and Joanna Vrouliannis, two coaches who provide great strategy and insight to the game of football, the team chemistry has been phenomenal thus far.

School Committee permits camera use

By David Han and Morgan Seiler | Published: November 2008
The School Committee passed, with a unanimous vote, a security policy Monday, permitting the use of security cameras in schools. The security policy plans to deal with a range of security catastrophes such as bomb threats and chemical spills.

Opposing Viewpoints: Living in a material world? Con: The Uggliness of materialism

By Alice Lee and Kyle Remy | Published: November 2008
Materialism is one of those words that people throw around nowadays because it's more than seven letters long and ends in “ism. People say that America is materialistic. Our generation is materialistic. South is materialistic. Is it really true that the majority of the student body puts physical, worldly matter, above all else?

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