October 2008 Issue

Lions bust Ghosts in double overtime

By Andrew Klegman | Published: October 2008
The Newton South boys' football team defeated the Westford Grey Ghosts on Sunday in double overtime, 27-21. Senior Captain Derek Russell was 16 for 39 with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.

‘The greatest threat to America…’

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
By Rebecca Goldstein Jon Stewart called one right-leaning commentator “a lying sack of s**t. His Comedy Central colleague Stephen Colbert asserts that bears are the greatest threat facing the United States, a reference to a 1984 campaign ad that most of his viewers don't remember. And The New York Times called Tina Fey's parodies of GOP vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin “devastating.

Teachers out of student parking

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
Over the years the parking situation for students has become increasingly difficult. In the 1960s, there was no distinction between “student and “faculty parking spaces at South. This changed with time and even more so with the most recent renovation, leaving students with an incredibly limited choice of “good spots. Furthermore, students must pay for the “privilege to park in these limited spaces – $180 per semester, totaling $360 for the year – while faculty and staff can park – at no charge – in more convenient areas.

In with the income tax

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
In a time of financial turmoil and rising unemployment, it is tempting to want to pay less in taxes. Be assured, however, that voting Yes on Ballot Question 1–which, if passed, would repeal the state income tax–would create far more problems than it would fix.

New England falls for apples

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
By Julia Sklar It's Columbus Day weekend, the sky is blue, the air is crisp, and the foliage is so intense the trees look like they're on fire. So what do you do? You go apple picking! Apple pie, apple crisp, apple pan dowdy, Apples-to-Apples, the apple of discord, Adam and Eve's apple. I diverge, but you have to admit, everything begins and ends with the apple.

Athletic Ancedote: Life without Brady

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
By Will Richardson I celebrate as Tom Brady hurls yet another deep ball towards Randy Moss, who effortlessly catches it and trots into the endzone for a touchdown, as the Patriots dominate the 49er's in San Francisco!

Wall Street meets Brandeis Road

By Rebecca Goldstein | Published: October 2008
“I think we learned an essential truth that in the long run we can't have a thriving Wall Street if we don't have a thriving Main Street, Barack Obama said in July.

US-Russian tensions mix opinions

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
By Mika Braginsky A May 2008 poll conducted by YouGov Global, a research and consulting organization, surveyed the G8 countries to find out people's opinions on the upcoming American presidential election.

Sawyers’ Made to break stereotypes

By Denebola | Published: October 2008
By Nathan Yeo If you turn on MTV's Made in several months time, you may see a familiar face: Newton South senior Jordan Sawyers.
With a close one point victory over Westford, the golf team clinched a spot in the Division I North tournament. The win extended their qualifying streak from three to four years. In recent years, South's golf program has not been able to play deep into the sectional round, but this year's team has a good chance of advancing to the state championship.

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