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Teachers out of student parking

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

Over the years the parking situation for students has become increasingly difficult. In the 1960s, there was no distinction between “student and “faculty parking spaces at South. This changed with time and even more so with the most recent renovation, leaving students with an incredibly limited choice of “good spots. Furthermore, students must pay for the “privilege to park in these limited spaces – $180 per semester, totaling $360 for the year – while faculty and staff can park – at no charge – in more convenient areas.

This problem escalates, however, when faculty and staff –although given free parking on a majority of the campus – instead choose to take up some of the few, highly coveted student spaces closer to the school.

Supposed consequences for parking violations – for both students and staff – vary from an orange warning sticker with a strong adhesive, to towing of the vehicle. These consequences, however, are only enforced for students, while staff members continue to violate regulations without repercussions.

If we as a school are, in fact, following the mission statement and are truly dedicated to “equality and opportunity for all, then consequences for parking violations should be suffered equally and consistently by all members of the school community.

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