Sawyers’ Made to break stereotypes

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Nathan Yeo

If you turn on MTV’s Made in several months time, you may see a familiar face: Newton South senior Jordan Sawyers.

After grilling him about his friends, parents, music choices, typical days, fears, and dreams, Made producers selected Sawyers out of hundreds who auditioned at casting calls at South and other local area high schools several weeks ago.

Sawyers’ appearance on the show is by no means certain. First Made must select Sawyers out of a group of finalists from other high schools for a trial month of filming. After a month of filming, MTV will decide whether to put him on television, which would mean another five months of filming.

During the first trial month, Made would focus on Sawyer’s personal life and may not film at South at all.

Made is a reality show that follows the lives of high school students across the country as they embark on a mission to change their lives. The show’s life coaches, trainers, and personal assistants help each student get “made, these mentors previously turning “outsiders into prom kings, “popular girls into skaters, overweight kids into triathelets, and “geeks into “ladies’ men.

Sawyers, who describes himself as somewhat “lazy, plans to be made into a lacross player.

“People don’t think of me for sports at all, he said.

Sawyers, an openly homosexual male, wants to be made into an athlete to “break stereotypes for homosexual men that are good at sports, by proving they can be.

If selected for the show, Sawyers will train for several months and then try out for South’s lacrosse team in April. If he is not chosen for a full length show, Sawyers still plans to try out for the team. He did think, however, he would be “more hesitant and would not train as extensively as he would on Made.

Before auditioning for Made, Sawyers did not regularly watch the show. Still, Sawyers said, he had seen it enough to try out to be on the show. He may soon get the chance.

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