Political clubs respond to the election

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Chris Erspamer

As Election Day nears, students are engaging in an increasing number of political activities and discussions, including a debate between the Liberal Student Union (LSU) and the Conservative Student  Organization (CSO) scheduled for November 3rd.

The Liberal Student Union, started two weeks after school began, already has over 50 members.

According to the club’s president, junior Melanie Fineman, the election season inspired her and several other students to meet and form the union.

Fineman, as well as the other two organizers, juniors Maddie Willert and Kayla Jackson, strongly believe that an Obama victory is necessary to bring essential change to Washington.

Currently, the LSU is focusing on encouraging people to contribute to the Obama campaign and notifying them about opportunities to do so.

Last week, LSU members called citizens of New Hampshire, a key swing state, to inform them of the Obama Campaign’s positions and to persuade them to vote Democrat in the upcoming election.

Nevertheless, Fineman emphasizes that the LSU should not be thought of as a pro-Obama club. “The Obama campaign is really important to us, but our main goal is to reduce the considerable amount of apathy in our school and make people aware of the issues that are facing us today, Fineman said.

The club plans to continue its activities after the election season comes to an end.

During the past month, the Conservative Student Union also increased its activity. Started by junior Mika Braginsky and sophomore Nathan Braginsky, the club now serves as a counterpart to the LSU.

Club organizers believe that McCain is significantly better for America. They are especially concerned with Obama’s withdrawal plan in Iraq, which they believe could quickly bring chaos and instability to the region.

The CSU does not, however, actually organize pro-McCain events because its members include moderates and liberals as well as conservatives. According to Nathan and Mika Braginsky, the organization’s chief purpose is to expose students to more diverse political beliefs.

“This club serves as a voice not just for conservatives, but for any student who holds opinions that are different from the dominant liberal views of the school, Mika Braginsky said.

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