Masquerade to fund semi

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Rebecca Penzias

In an effort to pay off their $400 debt and to raise money for the Semi-Formal next spring, the junior class officers will hold the Masquerade Ball, a Halloween-themed dance on November 1 in the gymnasium.

According to junior class vice president Ben Chesler, the juniors preferred the Masquerade Ball to a typical dance.

Despite the difficulties the 2010 class officers had last year with class-wide events, the officers do not expect low student turnout as was part of the issue last year because of an increase in general interest.

“People in our class understand that we’re in a financial problem, and they want to help us in any way they can, junior class officer Chenzhe Cao said.

Junior class President David Krieger believes their main problem this year is getting the events approved and ensuring that they are “safe for everyone.

Vice-President Ben Chesler agreed, adding that their new advisor, Wheeler housemaster Josepha Blocker, as well as Principal Brian Salzer and Science teacher Alex Kraus have been instrumental in accomplishing their goals.

According to junior class officer Liza Barnes, the prospect of a good Semi-Formal is a big incentive for juniors to attend the masquerade.

“It will help raise money for Semi, Junior Alex Casler said. “It’s a fun thing to do. People do not have anywhere to go on Saturdays anyways.

Some juniors, however, are doubtful of the event.

Junior Meital Sandbank understand that the officers are doing their best to plan fun events but wonder about their success.

For junior James Terech, the event is less hopeful especially “with the history of past events.

The class officers are planning to uphold a several year-old Semi tradition; an event at the Hyatt regency on the Charles River in Cambridge.

Krieger assures the juniors that the money lost last year will not affect Semi and it will be “pretty much like it’s been before.

They have yet to decide on a theme but have high hopes for the event.

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