Election 2008: South students voice their opinions

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

“I think the most important issue is foreign policy. Obama is taking the correct approach: dealing directly with the opposition. McCain sides with George W. Bush on the issue, pursuing a policy that has by no means been successful.
-Max Wechter

“Health care is really important to me. I am also concerned about energy and the environment. I think conserving our environment is really important…I don’t like the idea of ‘ËœDrill Baby Drill.’
-Kayla Jackson
“I prefer Obama because I think he personally cares more about the US citizens than McCain does. Also, McCain is getting old, and if he dies, I definitely don’t wait Palin to be president.
-Liza Barnes

“If I could vote in this election, I would vote for Barack Obama. I think that the country could use a younger president who could connect with all generations, and I agree with taxing the upper class more heavily and taxing the middle and lower classes less.
-Madison Alperin
“I think the issue of the economy is really important in the upcoming election and will influence many voters.  The War in Iraq is also a factor that molds a lot of people’s opinions.
-Melanie Fineman

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