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Don’t Look Back looks forward to pep rally

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Stepan Houtchens

Nick Glavin (base and vocals), Jeremy Marshall (drums), and Julian Green (guitar), three members of one of South’s newest bands Don’t Look Back, are “just living life and having fun in those moments that stand out the most, sophomore Nick Glavin said.

Keeping up with South’s workload is hard enough, yet these three successful and ambitious musicians are finding the time to look at life and express their feelings in their purest form, music.

“Our lyrics are all about growing up and taking what life throws at you, Glavin said. “Getting out there and finding who you really are, and immersing yourself in that as well as expressing your personality is the goal to being truly accomplished, and we feel this is the path we are currently following.

“We started out with basic riffs, and after jamming a few times and getting to learn everyone else’s styles, we became more comfortable in writing. We wouldn’t be nervous to express our ideas to one another. When comparing the material from then to now, the present material is much more diverse and upbeat than it previously had been, the band said. Since its formation, DLB has been successfully writing music and lyrics that truly reflect upon all of its members. “In rock bands, or, really, in any band for that matter, the lyrics and what the band is all about reflect upon band members’ true selves, Glavin said.

“Don’t Look Back isn’t trying to impress anyone or gain popularity. By not trying to be unique in that way, I guess you can say we are unique. The goal behind this is to make ourselves feel good in what we are doing and express ourselves – and that’s happening, sophomore Julian Green said.

“The meaning behind the name “Don’t Look Back is all about living and not doubting the decisions you make on a daily basis. You live for tomorrow, not for yesterday, the group said.

Each band member has his own musical influences; Green grew up listening to a lot of Van Halen and some eighties heavy metal, Marshall is inspired by Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, and Tool, and Glavin is influenced by Rise Against and Blink-182. The band describes itself as “the best of both worlds in rock- the classic, melodic guitars fused with the upbeat, modern heavy the punk bass, and the drums.

DLB is kicking off the new school year by opening this year’s pep rally, as the first South band to perform at the annual pep rally. Principal Brian Salzer approved of band’s request late last summer after listening to several of DLB’s newest songs.

The band hopes that “South is as excited as [they] are about the upcoming event. We are honored to have this amazing opportunity to introduce ourselves to the South community, sophomore Jeremy Marshall said.

Playing in front of all of Newton South at this year’s pep rally is “the perfect gig we’ve been envisioning since we began playing. Playing in front of all our friends gives us the biggest rush! Glavin said.

Other upcoming events and gigs include several “Sweet Sixteen performances, and a tentative spot at this year’s Sophomore Sleepover. DLB also hopes to set up an end of the year event, hosted by multiple bands at Cold Spring Park, as a farewell to sophomore year.

“A quote that I live by was said by one of my influences, Tom DeLonge: ‘ËœIf you can change your outlook on the world, then you will change, and possibly the world itself.’ And I believe that holds true to every being. If our band can create an environment based solely on being ourselves and making an upbeat music, people will follow along and we hope they will become as excited as we are about all of this, Glavin said.

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