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Celebrating Paul Newman

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

Viviana Planine (Spanish)

He’s going to be remembered for his beautiful eyes obviously, the blue eyes that I remember in many movies. But the thing that I remember most is also his political involvement later on, and how all the proceeds from the food company that he had¦ how he used his image that many people recognized to sell the product and give the profits to good causes. That I thought was absolutely something that I will never forget. He used [his fame] for a good cause, and that I really liked.
I also liked that he was an intellectual in a certain way. He was engaged in politics, he came from the theatre, and he went to a good school. There was a lot of preparation, a lot of serious craft behind who he was. Basically, he was a pillar of the cinema, in a positive way¦ not a stereotype of all of the glamour and the superficiality, but someone that was very serious.

Alex Kraus (Science)

Paul Newman was an invaluable figure in the film industry, from his early seminal works such as Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. However, I think more recent generations may remember him for equally valuable work in human rights and in the furthering of the organic food movement in particular.

Marianne McChesney (Science)

I think they’ll mostly think of his product line, Newman’s Own. I appreciate the fact that he gave a pretty significant amount of his proceeds to charity. That’s what I remember most about him. I guess people would miss that aspect about him if it didn’t continue in his company, but I think– they will continue those charitable donations.

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