Car crashes spark strong city response

By Jesse Zhang
Published: October 2008

A community-wide open forum will take place at the Newton South Auditorium on November 5 in response to the three Columbus weekend car accidents involving South students driving under the influence.

South Prevention & Intervention counselor Rich Catrambone feels it is important to have a dialogue about setting limits and using a family strategy.

“We want to offer concrete suggestions, Catrambone said.

Salzer wants to design a “program for parents and promote the discussion about teens, drinking, and driving.

Salzer would like to discuss how parents could help their kids deal with difficult situations in which responsible young adults end up holding a party beyond their control. He also wants to talk about kids violating the terms of their junior operator licenses.

“What I hear happens is some of the adults turn a blind eye to it, as long as the kids are safe and don’t drive. I think the culture of the community is – we know you’re going to do it, so let’s be smart about it, Salzer said in a Newton Tab article.

Salzer and other organizers plan to include representatives from the District Attorney’s office, the Newton Police Department, and an emergency medical technician. Former students may also speak about their days as South students.

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