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“Bring America back to what it was”

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Kevin Lee

With the presidential election just around the corner, talk of Sarah Palin’s “shout out and Barack Obama’s “call for change are many people’s minds.

With the stock market reaching Great Depression lows, and the national debt above $10 trillion, concern for America’s future has gone global.

In fact, many Europeans, such as student Anna Mandinova, consider the upcoming election to be “one of the most important ones in the history of the United States.

Anna firmly supports Barack Obama and his plan for change. She believes Obama will focus not only on dealing with the current economic crisis, but also on improving America’s education system.

Anna’s main reason for supporting Obama, however, actually ties in closely with Obama’s famous phrase, “a time for change.

“To most Europeans, America feels like a close cousin who grew up to become wealthy, strong, and handsome, Anna said. “You know him well and know his flaws, but deep down, almost in spite of yourself, you feel great affection for him and hold the highest expectations.

Over the past eight years, Bulgaria’s reverence and affection for America has been severely damaged, but Anna believes that Obama can “bring America back to what it was, with his unique foreign policy and plans for the future.

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