Athletic Ancedote: Life without Brady

By Denebola
Published: October 2008

By Will Richardson

I celebrate as Tom Brady hurls yet another deep ball towards Randy Moss, who effortlessly catches it and trots into the endzone for a touchdown, as the Patriots dominate the 49er’s in San Francisco!

Oh, wait, not only is that a mouthful, that’s not what happened at all two weeks ago during the Patriots game.

That guy with the number 16 on his jersey slinging passes to Randy Moss would be Matt Cassell, and the Pats hardly displayed domination against the 49ers.

Even if your not a fan, you have to appreciate the spectacular moments over the recent years: Brett Favre in 2003, playing on Monday Night Football the day after his father died, throwing for four touchdowns in the first half and even getting cheered by the notoriously angry Oakland Raider fans (don’t blame them, their team has been really bad for a few years now).

Or take last year, when the Buffalo Bills’ Kevin Everett made a full recovery from a bone-chilling hit that doctors thought would leave him permanently paralyzed. And who could forget the New Orleans Saints returning to the sell-out crowd at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina, winning the game and doing what they could to help the community.

Then there are the moments of the game: the perfect two-minute drill, a Hail Mary, a touchdown, a Superbowl victory. I can’t get enough football, especially if it involves the Patriots. I live and feel for each member of the squad, both their ups and their “downs.

So when Tom Brady got hit low by an oversized, under talented safety on the Kansas City Chiefs, I too felt that pop of the knee that Mike Heller and Tucker Berk know unfortunately all too well. My heart sank as replay after replay showed his leg bending inhumanly backwards, felling him to the ground in agony. “He’ll be fine right? He’s Tom Brady, I’m sure he’ll be back for the second half.  A season ending ACL tear later, and Matt Cassell is named the starter for the year.

Although the Patriot games are most certainly no longer displays of sheer domination and supremacy in the NFL, I will never give up hope. As I watched the Patriots game last Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, I was watching a towering skyscraper slowly crumble and fall to the ground. I was with Leo on top of the Titanic as it was sinking into the depths of the icy ocean. My comparisons, though overdramatic, correctly display the direction the Patriots’ season may be turning towards.

Now, as Tom suffers watching the games at home with Giselle, his stunningly attractive super model girlfriend, the rest of Patriot nation’s fate rests on Cassell’s inexperienced shoulders. But hey, if Trent Dilfer under center could lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory in 2000 (see “Defense Wins Championships for further reference), don’t count Matt Cassell out ladies and gentleman.

With the help of the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL and Cassell’s beloved check down three yard passes, the Patriots just might be able to squeak into the playoffs. 2009 Superbowl Prediction: the Patriots recapture the Lombardi Trophy with a 17-14 victory over the undefeated favorite, the New York Giants. Sounds familiar? Hey, it can’t hurt to hope.

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