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Art Focus: David Broyles

Posted By Denebola On October 29, 2008 @ 12:00 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Becca Goldstein

Senior David Broyles wasn’t born acting; although that may be a surprise to many. Broyles’ involvement in theatre didn’t begin until the ripe age of nine when he witnessed Marty Loew’s (Class of ’08) performance as Tevye in Angier Elementary School’s production of Fiddler on the Roof.  “As he sang, people laughed, Broyles said, recounting the memorable performance and hoping he could someday be that person for others.

The next year, he auditioned for his school’s fifth grade play and has been acting ever since. Expanding outside of his involvement with South Stage, Broyles has also performed with Newton Summer Stage, a highly competitive group that spends hours in the summer working on shows that are performed in the middle of July.

Broyles is most proud of his performance as Hyde in Summer Stage’s performance of Jekyll and Hyde, citing it as “the perfect example of how therapeutic theatre can be. David’s dream to make the audience laugh lead him to join South’s Improv group, The Children of the Candy Corn, in his sophomore year. Now, as a co-director, David leads the group in rehearsals every week and hopes that, like the members before him, he can be an idol to the underclassmen in the group.

Besides his passion for acting, Broyles also takes great joy in music. After taking Dr. Rossini’s music theory class, he finally realized just how much music meant to him. Whether at a technical level or at an emotional level, Broyles believes “music can speak the things we can’t say. It’s the universal language.

He has been a part of many different bands in the past few years, but is currently taking a break to work on a project with fellow senior, Alex Caron, in which they play acoustic music that “really comes from the heart.

His newest band project, Factory Weekend, is what Broyles considers to be a mix of Tokyo Police Club and The Beach Boys. In these groups, Broyles plays guitar, keyboard and often sings, depending on the needs of the group.

Another group that Broyles sings in is South’s a cappella group, Newtones. Ever since eighth grade when he saw their performance on Step-Up day, Broyles idolized the group, a fact that, as a current regular member, he is now able to laugh at. Broyles hopes he has achieved his goal of becoming a role model for someone else; a goal he set for himself when he was first accepted into the competitive singing group.

As a senior, Broyles is looking ahead to college and the rest of his life. Applying early action to both Emerson College and Chapman University, he is planning on pursuing yet another passion: film.

Many may wonder how one individual can manage to do so much in what seems to be so little time. Broyles admits that it hasn’t been easy. “It’s been hard for me to juggle time outside of school. Now it’s senior year, and I have the hang of it, but early in high school it was difficult, he said. His advice to underclassmen looking to take on many different things in their high school careers: “Do things! Be active! Spread the love! But go to bed at a healthy hour too!

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