September 2008 Issue

“One World, One Dream.”

By Cora Lee Visnick | Published: September 2008
On the first day of school, I'd never been more excited to answer that inevitable question: What was the high point of your summer? All I could answer was, “The entire month of August. I can guarantee you off the bat that there is nothing quite like the Olympics. On the eighth day of the eighth month, year 2008, I witnessed the world unite. With more than 200 of our planet's countries strolling into one bird's nest, I could sense the connection between us all. The lighting of the flame sent a shock of silence through athlete, volunteer, staff, and spectator alike. It was obvious that this moment was one like none of us had ever experienced, and probably one that we wouldn't ever sense again.
By Rebecca Goldstein Television is rotting your brain. You should be reading, not playing video games. You'll gain much more by doing your homework than you will by reading blogs. Right? It's true that today's teenagers are more technologically aware than they've ever been, and the generation gap is as wide as ever, but it only means that this generation has more opportunities to learn than any in the past. The biggest innovation of the Internet has been the dissemination of information and the democratization of news.

South, who wants to get Made?

By Denebola | Published: September 2008
By Rebecca Goldstein MTV's hit reality series Made is seeking participants in the Boston area, and will hold auditions at Newton South on October 8. The series, which chronicles high school students wishing to transform their lives and images, provides coaches and cameras for five months to help and follow subjects as they work towards their goals. According to Principal Brian Salzer, MTV casting assistant Samantha Sterling contacted him “out of the blue last September, but when he called back, all of MTV's slots were full. He encouraged MTV to call back this year, and they did, agreeing to the early October audition time. “I'm so excited about it, he said. “I love anything that gets the students excited. MTV casting assistant Michael Livingston, who has taken over for Sterling, said that MTV chose Newton South as one of its possible schools mainly because of its high level of extracurricular activity.

T-Station Starbucks: Supporters stand up to save the space

By Stephen Busaba | Published: September 2008
The Starbucks Company announced earlier this summer that the brand was going to close 600 stores in the US and lose over 12,000 employees due to economic problems. The company's stock fell about 24 percent this year alone. Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington.  Throughout the 1990s and into the new millenium, Starbucks has been growing rapidly in dozens of countries. On average, a new store was added every weekday.

The lunch crunch

By Denebola | Published: September 2008
By Sidrah Baloch For some Newton South students, paying for school lunch is an afterthought. For others, the price can pose a problem for students in need of a healthy and filling lunch at school. The Newton Public School system is devoted to providing nutritious meals for elementary, middle, and high school students in order to ensure that they are alert, well-nourished, and ready to take full advantage of their educational experience.

Administration eyes new secret cameras

By David Han | Published: September 2008
The Newton School Committee plans to vote on, and likely will approve, a policy in November that will give Newton Schools the option to install security cameras to protect the safety and property of students. A portion of the Security Subcommittee's policy would allow the principals of Newton schools to install cameras as they deem necessary. Under the proposed policy, the school would inform the community if cameras were installed, but would not reveal the location of each security device. School administrators installed five security cameras at South last fall without informing the school community at large. Following a Denebola investigation, the cameras were removed and the Security Subcommittee was formed to find an appropriate response.

Athletic Anecdote: From athletics to Speech team

By Denebola | Published: September 2008
By Rebecca Goldstein Those of you who know me will be surprised to see my name on this byline. I have no muscles or endurance, no balance, flexibility, or coordination to speak of. In short, I am not athletic. There was a time in my life, however difficult it might be to believe, when I did compete on sports teams. My soccer career, which started humbly on the intramural preschool experience team at age four, peaked during my sixth-grade season as a left defender on the illustrious Division 4D team. I was worse at basketball than I was at soccer, but nevertheless I wore the Newton Girls' Basketball jersey proudly for five consecutive seasons.

South students enter 2008 political scene

By Denebola | Published: September 2008
By Tessa Ruben People often assume Newton is a town chock-full of wealthy white Jewish liberals. And they would be right, to a large extent. The bubble-like political climate in Newton makes it tough to imagine that there are other places in America where McCain signs are staked into every other lawn, and where Sarah Palin is not a joke. It turns out, however, that Newton, and especially Newton South, is a lot more of an ideologically diverse place than one would think. Students hold a range of political views and while many are involved in Senator Barack Obama's campaign, some are supporting Senator John McCain's.

The plea against fees

By Denebola | Published: September 2008
By Gabriel Schneider Despite the taxes in Newton, students often times find themselves paying extra fees; whether it be school related, for extracurricular activities, or for standardized testing. A public school is by definition an institution completely paid for by the city residents through taxes. In these tough economic times, however, students often find themselves paying extra fees, which really do add up.

Girls’ field hockey prepares for comeback season

By Jason Yoffe | Published: September 2008
The girls' field hockey team seems optimistic heading into a new season. The team, led by senior captains Emily Heeren, Molly Shmerling and Hannah Freedman, is looking to use last year's troubles as motivation towards a winning season this year. "Coming back after last season just makes us stronger," Heeren said. "We work hard every day and we are determined to have something to show for all our efforts this year." The players believe that their 0-14-1 record last year did not reflect the hard work they put into their season, and they now look to turn their determination into wins.

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