The plea against fees

By Denebola
Published: September 2008

By Gabriel Schneider

Despite the taxes in Newton, students often times find themselves paying extra fees; whether it be school related, for extracurricular activities, or for standardized testing.

A public school is by definition an institution completely paid for by the city residents through taxes. In these tough economic times, however, students often find themselves paying extra fees, which really do add up.

During the school year, there are many extra fees that students have to pay.

For instance, a Spanish workbook costs $11 and English books often vary in prices. Sports teams have also jumped in cost since last year from $180 to $210.

“Of course I don’t want to pay the $210, Junior Arthur Mescon said, “but of course sports cost money¦ I know that it’s worth it if I want to play on a good field or wear a nice uniform or have proper protection.

Mescon emphasizes that sometimes sports teams need extra money in order to enhance the experience, “it isn’t just gonna come from nowhere.

Standardized tests, required for most colleges, also cost a significant amount of money.

For someone who takes multiple tests, the costs can really add up. Singing up for the PSAT scholarship tests cost $25. AP tests cost $70 and every SAT and SAT II also requires a fee.

Although these standardized tests aren’t technically part of the public school system, they are still promoted by almost every college in the country and thus are necessary tests to take.

Furthermore, many students purchase school lunches daily and the costs for food add up.

Going to a public school, these extra fees should be compensated by the burdensome taxes that our parents pay to the city.

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