Tennis team faces $80,000 dilemma

By Denebola
Published: September 2008

By Jeremiah Davis

Due to May’s $12 million override failure, the City of Newton can only pay half the $80,000 cost for an adequate resurfacing of Newton South’s tennis courts, leaving the tennis team the task of raising $40,000 to finish the job.

The team’s $40,000 quota was cut in half when it recently received a $20,000 pledge from an anonymous donor.

English teacher and girls’ tennis team coach Robert Jampol raised $8,000 for the team as well.
According to senior captain Jon Ostrowsky, there are many large cracks and imperfections on the surfaces of South’s 12 courts that make play difficult. Patrick McFarland, the boys’ team coach, says that the courts are also potentially dangerous: “Someone could easily twist their ankle. As well as cracks, the surface is also uneven, causing the ball to bounce irregularly.  

“The courts are awful, sophomore Tyler Epstein said. “The ball dies after five minutes. Unfortunately, the team expects the courts to be in even worse condition after this year’s winter.

“We hope to have [the courts] fixed this fall, to avoid cutting into the season. says McFarland. South’s courts are used by not only the school’s boys’ and girls’ tennis teams, but both of Newton North’s teams in addition to city tennis clinics.

“We’ve made a lot of progress, Ostrowsky said. Coaches Jampol and McFarland, along with the team members and their families, will continue to raise the remaining $7,500 by the start of the season in April.

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