T-Station Starbucks: Supporters stand up to save the space

By Stephen Busaba
Published: September 2008

The Starbucks Company announced earlier this summer that the brand was going to close 600 stores in the US and lose over 12,000 employees due to economic problems. The company’s stock fell about 24 percent this year alone.

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington.  Throughout the 1990s and into the new millenium, Starbucks has been growing rapidly in dozens of countries. On average, a new store was added every weekday.

Unfortunately, the Newton Centre T-stop location was on the list of locations that the company announced may be closing, and the news spread rapidly across the web.

In response to the unhappiness many teenagers were feeling, junior Julia Sklar created the Facebook group “Save the Newton Center T-stop Starbucks!

The group houses 297 members, and the petition to save the Starbucks on petitionspot.com has already received 430 signatures. Newton South students and Newton residents are doing what they can to save the store.

Many prefer the Union Street location to the Beacon Street store because of its convenient location close to the T and its size. It is ideal for studying because of its abundance of seating and comfy atmosphere. The T-stop store has character while the one on Beacon Street is generic and cramped.

Cliff Burrows, the president of Starbucks U.S.A., sent an email to Sklar regarding their Union Street location in Newton. He confirmed that the company reviewed the pros and cons of the T-stop location and ruled that it would be best if it closed.

This confirmation may distress the location’s many loyal customers, but there could still be hope. A “Now Hiring sign was posted on the door of the location, so it appears that the decision for the Union Street location is still up in the air.

Burrows closed his email by writing, “If a store were to remain open based on the dedication of its customers, yours would be at the top of the list.

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