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Stand and be counted

By Denebola
Published: September 2008

Pop quiz: could you legally drive your friends at this time last academic year?

If yes, you are probably eighteen. And if you are eighteen, and we know many seniors and even some juniors are, you must register to vote.

Famed political scientist V.O. Key theorized that some presidential elections are “critical, changing political alignments and affecting the electoral map in future Congressional and presidential races.

If he’s right, this election would certainly fit the mold. Both candidates claim that they will revolutionize Washington if elected, and traditionally Republican states like Virginia and Colorado are threatening to turn blue. As of now, Obama and McCain are in a statistical tie in key swing states.

Outside the mad dash for the White House, the Cook Political Report estimates 27 toss-up House races and six competitive Senate races.

Even though Massachusetts will surely vote Obama,  it is your responsibility to support the issues and candidates you care about’€in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This November 4, we will elect the government we deserve.

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