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South’s school spirit continues its slump

Posted By Denebola On September 24, 2008 @ 6:14 pm In Features | Comments Disabled

By Julia Lytle

After two years at Newton South, I have probably gone to only three football games, a handful of basketball games, and a few other sporting events. My lack of attendance is not due to a busy schedule, nor is it due to my inability to get there.

Unfortunately, it because I would rather be doing other things. I love watching sports, but I have never been interested in going to watch a baseball game when most of my friends are elsewhere.

For two years, Principal Brian Salzer has been trying to improve the school spirit at Newton South in order to make it more desirable for students to attend as many events as possible.

Instituting pep rallies at various points throughout the year and attending plenty of school events himself, Salzer has set a great example for the Newton South community. Although many students at South have followed this example, there is still a great number that could stand to do the same.

Recently I visited my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My cousin is a senior in high school and he is the president of his school’s spirit squad.

At first, the club sounded like something that appears at a majority of American high schools. When my cousin described to me the club’s elaborate plan for the first football game of the season, however, I realized that his school had developed something special.

The Reynolds Rowdies, as they are called, planned to ride to the game together in a “spirit bus, and were soon expecting club T-shirts. The kids were looking forward to attending the game together, and that enthusiasm spread to thousands of others, both students and parents.

The Rowdies always cheer loudly throughout the entire game and keep the rest of the crowd excited.

At Reynolds High School, it is an honor to be a part of the squad, and it is one of the students’ priorities to make it to as many games as possible. With the Rowdies cheering in the stands, the games are always interesting, and it is not unusual for over 1,000 people to attend.

At Newton South, attending games and matches of the various competitive teams tends to not be a priority for students.

Unless a friend is on the team or it’s the DCL championships being hosted at South, news of the event is limited. People choose not to go to sporting events unless a group of their friends is going as well. It’s understandable.

However, if Newton South were to develop something similar to the Reynolds Rowdies and more people took the initiative to attend events, maybe South’s overall spirit and the students’ pride in their high school would increase dramatically.

Over my two years at Newton South, I have never really noticed the small attendance at sporting events and theatre productions. It became normal to see only a few people attending in order to watch their friends perform at every event. This standard, however, would be considered completely unusual at many other high schools, including several of the schools we compete against.

Newton South’s athletes and other groups deserve more support and enthusiasm from their fellow students as they compete to represent our school. Not only would the students involved in these events benefit, but the school as a whole would as well.

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