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Opposing Viewpoints: Is technology a turnoff? Pro: Technology has crasehd our systems.

Posted By Denebola On September 24, 2008 @ 11:20 pm In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

By Alice Lee

“idk my bff jill?

We’ve all seen that commercial, the one that advertises a cell phone plan by showing the antics of a prepubescent cell phone addict. And really, we all know people who act just like the obnoxious girl in the ad, living and breathing through their cell phones. It’s undeniable that our generation has forgone the days of being hooked on phonics, and is now hooked on technology. The question is: will this digital craze drive us forward or dumb us down?

Admittedly, technology saves untold amounts of time. For instance, writing by hand is frankly tedious, but with literally a few taps of your fingers, an essay can be miraculously finished. But how easy is too easy? How convenient is too convenient?

As modern science progresses, humans are pushing the boundaries of possibility’€and luxury’€further and further. As excess effort is whittled away, we sink into indolent lifestyles that are dependent on time-saving devices. It sounds nice enough, letting machines do everything for us, but such a lifestyle has adverse effects.

The other day, my cell phone battery gave out and I was forced to borrow a friend’s – only to realize that without the electronic directory, I couldn’t remember my own father’s phone number. Nowadays, since information of all kind is available in swarms at the finger’s touch, why should we waste brain matter to remember anything?

While the lazy among us may be secretly pleased, the elimination of the necessity of our brain functions is not a good thing. Every South student has studied, or will study, George Orwell’s 1984 and analyzed his warning against totalitarian governments.

In the bare essentials, Orwell is telling us not to forfeit the right of thinking for ourselves; technology is well on its way to encouraging just that.

Maybe the pre-teen cell-phone-queen from the commercial should try crack open a copy of 1984, too, seeing that her abridged text-message language is perilously close to Newspeak. In the novel, the government institutes Newspeak, an extremely simplified version of English, in order to similarly simplify citizens’ minds and lessen the threat of rebellion. Srsly. Like, OMG.

A more recent and popular version of the warning against gadget-dependence is the Pixar summer blockbuster, Wall-E. Set in the future, it portrays the Earth as grim and deserted, while humans obliviously vacation in a high-tech, luxury resort in outer space.

The humans in Wall-E resemble walruses, are unable to stand up by themselves, and have precious little memory or attention span. An unappealing concept, if you ask me. Whether to Big Brother or to space-age hover chairs or to Apple, I don’t feel that losing my mental independence will drive me forward.

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