New computers will arrive in October

By Denebola
Published: September 2008

By Jeremiah Davis

Despite South’s budget concerns, the PTSO agreed to purchase much needed computers for the school’s library and faculty.

The new purchases include 30 new Apple computers, expected to be installed by mid-October, to replace the library’s current computers, and 200 new Apple laptops for the teachers, arriving in December.

The school currently owns 20 computers in the library, most of them bought three to four years ago. The majority of teachers have iBook laptops.

Several of the library’s computers have recently experienced serious problems according to Newton South’s Library director Dorothy McQuillan.

Due to frequent crashing, numerous computers have been permanently turned off to prevent students from losing their work.

South’s administration believes the computers are obselete.

“They [the computers] can’t handle as much software as we need them to, Principal Brian Salzer said.¯

The computers in the library are the most used computers in the school and are an important resource for many according to Salzer.¯¯

“[The computers] are very outdated, sophomore Daniel Fuchs said. “I can’t check my e-mail on them.

The current library computers will be moved to the Science Lab in Cutler to replace the computers there, which Salzer says are the oldest in the school.

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