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Lil’ Wayne smashes records with style

Posted By Denebola On September 24, 2008 @ 3:34 pm In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Claire Johannes

June 10, 2008 was a truly life-changing day for rap fans nationwide. With the release of Tha Carter III by New Orleans native Lil’ Wayne, the amount of talentless rap during the summer exponentially increased.

Dwayne Carter, Jr., also known as Lil’ Wayne or Weezy, may not be as widely known for his music as much as his extracurricular activities, but regardless, he took over the charts this summer with multiple hit singles off his newest album.

His baby picture, which adorned the cover of Tha Carter III, attracted men and women of all ages and races with its genuine innocence.

But has this whirlwind sensation, perhaps, become too much? Has the reality that his “true street music is not quite all that its chocked up to be finally gotten to peoples’ heads?

Local radio stations like Jam’n 94.5 jumped onto the Weezy bandwagon, and they do not seem to be pulling in the reigns anytime soon.

With constant airplay and minimal diversity on popular music stations, it is becoming impossible to not make Lil’ Wayne a household name. Even my mom borrowed the CD (yes, I went out and bought it) from me last week. And she has yet to return it.

But let’s not forget Weezy’s many other “talents, like his skill in English, fashion, and of course his mind-blowing guitar solos.

Replacing previously popular phrases like “truth and “you feel me with “believe dat and “ya dig?, Lil’ Wayne has single-handedly revamped the English language as we know it. And somehow he managed to do all of this with a Styrofoam cup in hand and his briefs completely exposed beneath sagging jeans. His $100,000 grills are also a must for our little Weezy F. Baby as he has yet to brush his teeth since the ripe age of sixteen. He makes sure that he sets a prime example for youth today.

But none of that seems relevant in comparison to Lil’ Wayne’s most recent excursion into the realm of guitar playing, which proved fatal for his ratings.

During a recent performance on Saturday Night Live of his hit single “Lollipop, instead of popping his customary bottles, he chose to pop everyone’s ear drums with quite possibly the most disconnected and sloppy guitar solo ever played to this date. So marks the beginning of the end for our blow-out rock star.

Most of the tracks off Tha Carter III have already made it to the top of the charts and lost their charm; they are just overplayed.

Instead of being admired by kids who know every last lyric down to a grunt, his songs now receive irritated grunts when played on the radio or blasted at a party.

Unless he picks up the flute, it doesn’t seem like this fabulous star will be making another drastic comeback any time soon.

But despite my steadily decreasing amount of respect for this teen hip hop sensation, Lil’ Wayne will always have a special place in my heart right next to Marc Jacob goggles and motorcycle loafs. And, even though his voice might get progressively scratchier every day, that adorable grin of his still manages to sweep me right off of my feet. So to every Weezy fan out there, remember, “okay you’re a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin?

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