Flags showcase international diversity

By Denebola
Published: September 2008
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In hopes of expressing diversity at South, the English Language Learners (ELL) department hung up world flags in the student center to represent the students enrolled in the ELL program.

“The goal was to have a flag representing a country that has a student who is in ELL, Principal Brian Salzer said. Michael Peabody, an ELL teacher also commented on the meaning of the flags.

“The ELL department decided to hang the flags in the Student Center in order to celebrate South’s diversity not only within the ELL program, but also within the whole community. We are in the processing of ordering new flags as we learn about which ones are missing, Peabody said. “Our goal is to have any student in the school who is from another country, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in our program, to inform us if the flag is not displayed and we’ll order it.

There has been some confusion over the arrival of the flags. Many students did not know that the flags were from the countries of students enrolled in the ELL program. One student thought that the goal was to have a flag from every country to show diversity inside and outside of the school.

As of now there are 22 countries from five different continents represented.

The flag of the United States is also one of the 22 up on the rafters of the cafeteria. The way it is currently hung, however, breaks federal law. The flag can either be hung all day and night, or taken down at sunset and put back up at sunrise. If it is hung 24 hours a day as it is in the cafeteria, then it must be illuminated at night so it can be seen at all times. The flag is also hung in the wrong position. It should be displayed first in a series, and then the following flags should be in alphabetical order.

“The United States flag is larger than all the others because it was ordered after all the other flags and as a result was a different size, Salzer said.

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