Dance team ascends to varsity status

By Jesse Zhang
Published: September 2008

Athletes looking for a sport more graceful than football and less wet than swimming now have a new option: dance team.

Dance team is a new fall and winter varsity sport offered at South. Stemming from a club originally started in 2007, the team specializes in hip-hop dance.

Athletic Director Scott Perrin helped the team apply to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) to become a varsity sport. After a year of meeting with administrators, the club was finally accepted by the MIAA as a varsity sport.

“Right off the bat Mr. Perrin the athletic director supported us 100 percent. Throughout the course of the year we gained the support of many other administrators. Mr. Perrin loved the idea of a dance team and getting more students involved in a sport, junior Liza Barnes said.

Although dance is a co-ed sport, the team, which has grown to nearly 20 members, is currently all girls. Olivia Barnes, Ayala Cohen, and Katie Won are this year’s captains.

“Currently we have no JV or freshman team, but at the rate the interest is growing now, we will hopefully have a JV team within the next couple of years, junior Liza Barnes said.

Jaime Gaudet, a recent graduate of Babson College, will be coaching the team. Gaudet teaches dance at the Kathy McCrohon Dance Center and was the captain of Babson’s dance team as a student. As a high school student, Gaudet started her own dance team at Weston High School.

Dance team will competes at large high school competitions with an average of 15 teams. Teams range in size from as few as eight members to as many as 30 members.

The dance team will also perform at Newton South sporting events including football and basketball games. The dance team’s first performance was at the football game on September 20.

Although the future of the dance team is unclear, Olivia and Liza Barnes feel that they have started something great at Newton South.

“We just hope that the dance team will continue on the same path after we’re gone, Olivia Barnes said.

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