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Catwalk comes to Boston

Posted By Denebola On September 24, 2008 @ 2:35 pm In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Sam Donovan

While there was great hype surrounding New York Fashion Week, which came to a close on Friday September 12, and London Fashion Week, which started two days later, there was very little attention surrounding the fashion week in our own city, Boston.

While Boston may be a very fashionable city without major names, like Diane von Furstenberg, Chanel, Prada, or Alexander McQueen, no one in the fashion industry would ever bother showing up here. Instead, the Lifetime premiere of Coco Chanel is listed as one of the week’s major events.

Boston is home to fashionable designers like Sara Campbell, Samuel Mendoza, and Daniela Corte who have all made decent names for themselves in the fashion world.

Campbell, for one, has kept her label alive for 15 years’€no small feat for a designer in a small city. She’s even been able to open up a second label, Sara Jane, as a sportswear line.

Campbell’s collection showcased a Park Avenue Princess feel with a mature, down-to-earth edge’€the kind of clothes a modest fashion editor might wear.

However, Sara Campbell still maintains a sexy side. One black mini dress from her Trans 2008 line is covered in sequins with cinching and a matté sash. It is perfect for a woman of any age. Her fall line encompasses an incredibly chic, London type of look’€understated and beautiful.

Another designer showcasing his designs, Mendoza, is a 21-year-old college student who began designing and creating clothes on his own as a freshman at Boston University. He has already been mentioned in Nylon Magazine’€a major international fashion publication.

Mendoza’s designs seem to lean toward avant-garde styles as shown by a sheer black gown with a train attached at the top of the spine that he designed for Fall 2008.

Gowns seem to be his specialty, considering that five out of the six looks shown on his website include the garment.

The last of the three designers, Daniela Corte, is possibly the most youth-oriented of the bunch. Corte’s women’s wear line is tight, modern, and somewhat revealing.

Her signature “lightning bolt dress is one of her favorite pieces, as she mentions on the home page of the website. The “lighning bolt dress is an example of her interesting style: two slits come down from either shoulder and meet at the bust, providing a refreshing take on the term “v neckline.

The rest of her collection, however, seems irrelevant compared to her “lightning bolt dress, but not in a negative way.

Her exposed-zipper skirts and her deep-colored, soft looking fabrics are beautifully crafted and fun to look at. Corte also has a maternity label, called Dar-A-Luz, which is provocative as far as maternity clothes go.

Sure, as far as New York fashion week in concerned, these guys are barely even on the radar. Despite this, success in these harsh economic times is something to be admired, especially when the clothing industry generally suffers more than others.

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