Salzer declares lockdown success

By Denebola
Published: April 2008

By Idun Klakegg

To prepare the school in case of a violent intruder, Newton South practiced the first ever lockdown drill on April 9.
Principal Brian Salzer believes the lockdown drill was “well communicated and an “absolute success. According to Salzer, faculty and staff were also pleased with the drill. “Teachers are grateful and appreciate knowing what is expected of them, Salzer said.
For the next drill, “the police and fire department want [someone to pose as] an actual intruder to help make the experience more realistic.
Students did not seem to respond strongly to the drill. Freshman Catherine Marlin thought the lockdown was “useless [and did not] think anyone took it very seriously. One class even played board games during it.
Freshman Madeline Schulman also did not have a strong opinion, saying that she felt “pretty indifferent about the whole thing.
Since Salzer became South principal, he has been practicing various emergency procedures.
“When you practice a drill you know how to adapt, you learn the routine. Salzer said.

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