Mock Trial is off to Nationals

By Denebola
Published: April 2008

By Roxanne Glazier

The Mock Trial team defeated the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School (PVPA) at Boston’s Faneuil Hall on March 28, winning State Championships and qualifying to compete at Nationals. South also received $2,500 and the Silver Bowl for their victory.
Attorney Coach Elliot Loew is very pleased about winning the state championship and going to nationals. “South has never come close to a state championship so far¦This is where all the other teams in the state want to be, Loew said.
South won a close victory by two out of three judges. South won Judge Pearson, 97-104, and Judge Dortch-Okara, 105-107. South fell two points short with Judge Whitehead, the score being 98-100.
“I had a feeling that we would win, sophomore Eddie Bernson said. “The other team was very good, and I think that we were just a little better.
Mock Trial Nationals are being held in Wilmington, Delaware from May 8 through May 10. 44 teams are competing. South will compete in at least four trials, two on each day. The case debated at Nationals is different than the one debated throughout the rest of the season.
The Nationals case is about the Delaware Auto and Marine Corporation (DAM), a public business in charge of a local port. The corporation Mid-East Stevedores Services, Inc. (MESS) buys one share of stock in DAM. It then tries to take over the company by buying stock at a higher value than it is actually worth. Some people, however, believe that the foreign company has ties to terrorist organizations and should not be allowed to purchase stock. If the company does have terrorist ties, it could potentially create security issues.
Students must argue whether stockholders should be allowed to sell their stock and make money off it or if the company has the right to keep ownership in current hands to continue to operate a safe and secure port.
The case has six witnesses. On the plaintiff side are past employee and stockholder Eric Sussex, MESS president Devereux Terry, and specialist on accounting Sammy Rodney. On the defendant side are the DAM founder Pat Kent, head of security at DAM Jamie Newcastle, and expert on terrorism Chris Read.
Junior Adam Goldsmith is also excited about the win. “I’m looking forward to it. It’s definitely a different experience than what we’re used to; it’s different rules, a different case, Goldsmith said.

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