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By Denebola
Published: March 2008

By Rebecca Penzias

“Not being able to go on You Tube is stupid. Some people actually need to watch legit stuff there. Handwritten notes line the front desk on the library walls.
Though the library suggestion box has existed for many years, it has only recently become popular. The box was originally placed next to the copy machine, but most students did not take notice of it. Recently, though, the box was moved to a more noticable location, increasing its use and helping improve the library.
Many of the comments are valuable and have helped to make the library a better working environment. Others, however, have been inappropriate. Head Librarian Dorothy McQuillan makes an effort to respond kindly to the students, even though this can sometimes be a difficult task.
One of the most common requests is for access to websites such as YouTube and game sites. The librarians responded to one of these notes by saying, “We only restrict YouTube when it’s not appropriate. If you are on a legit segment, we don’t lock you out and these computers are for academic use. We don’t have enough for recreational use.
Another typical suggestion complains about the lack of textbooks in the library. Students point out that they are unable to do their homework in the library because their books are unavailable.
The librarians responded by saying that each respective department must provide the textbooks themselves, and that even when textbooks are provided, students must return them to their proper shelf when finished. Many textbooks have been stolen, hidden, or not returned to their proper places, resulting in a shortage.
The librarians’ response also noted that most schools do not provide textbooks.
“When I asked other schools, I got responses like ‘Ëœdon’t your students have lockers and their own textbooks?’
Though many of the students’ requests can be honored, others cannot be followed through with because of the limited funding of the library. Each department has a specific budget, and vandalism has significantly cut into this amount for the library.
Recently, four computer mice have been cut from their computers, meaning that until new parts are ordered, those four computers can’t be used. Several headphones have also been stolen and need to be replaced.
Many students have requested specific magazines and books and in most of these cases the library responded by saying that the books have already been ordered or they will look into ordering the book.
The librarians are pleased with the steady stream of comments they are receiving through the box, and believe that they have generally been very constructive. According to McQuillan, she is always open to what the students have to say.

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