Senate mandates recycling

By Denebola
Published: March 2008

By Jeremiah Davis

The Newton South Environmental Club has placed receptacles for bottles around the school in order to prevent recyclable bottles from ending up in the trash or paper recycling due to a lack of an effective means for emptying.
Even with the aid of the Environmental Club, the custodial staff was unable to individually empty the bins in every classroom in the building.
“Consequently, many of these recyclables are being thrown into the trash, South Senate chair and committee member Ben Chelmow said.
Because of this issue, the South Senate proposed the “Student Recycling Initiative Act of 2008. It states that during advisory long block, several students will be responsible for bringing the bins to the main receptacles located at the loading dock.
In addition, students or faculty can bring recyclables to these dumpsters at any other point during the school week as long as they do not impede on regular teaching times.
“A greater student recycling initiative will help alleviate these problems, benefiting all parties involved, Chelmow said.
Sophomore Senators Ben Chelmow, David Han, and Jesse Zhang developed and sponsored the proposal.
“My only concern, senate president senior Ben Tabb said. “is to make sure that it is taken seriously by teachers and enforced properly.
If the proposal gains full support from the South community, the senators are confident that it will effectively help South become cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
Currently, the bill is awaiting approval by the principal and faculty council to become an official school policy.

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