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Independence: A Dangerous Proposal

Posted By Denebola On March 19, 2008 @ 5:06 pm In Global Education | Comments Disabled

By Ivan Evsioukov

Historically, Kosovo has been a cultural, political, and, spiritual center of Serbia. Kosovo is the ultimately very important to the definition of Serbia.  It was annexed in 1290 and along with Serbia became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1389. The Battle of Kosovo, in which the Serbs lost to the Ottomans, has become a cultural milestone in Serbian history.
In 1912, Serbia became independent again. Kosovo joined the Serbian state in 1918. In World War II, the Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia was split up into several states. Kosovo was included as part of Greater Albania. The government of this new nation carried out an ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, killing thousands and exiling 400,000, replacing them with Albanian settlers.
After the war, Josip Broz Tito, hoping to get Albania to become part of Yugoslavia, signed an agreement that prohibited the expelled Serbians from reentering the province, meanwhile opening Yugoslavia’s southern border with Albania. Though undeniably Serbian, Kosovo found itself overrun with Albanians, who later constituted the majority that is now trying to separate from Serbia.
One obvious reason that Kosovo should not be independent is that such an act violates international law. The Helsinki Act of 1975, in order to “ensure security and cooperation in Europe, protects, among other things, the inviolability of frontiers and the territorial integrity of states. This means that borders cannot be changed. Creating a new country would qualify as altering borders.
Also, the Albanian majority cannot classify the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo an act of self-determination because an ethnic Albanian state, Albania, already exists. In 1999, the United Nation Security Council passed Resolution 1244, which guarantees the “principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.
When Kosovo declared independence, the US, Germany, France and the other countries that recognized its status willingly defied international law. The US has already ignored the UN with the invasion of Iraq, and this continuous disregard for any international authority will ultimately bring about disorder.
The new state of Kosovo is now governed by former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members. The same KLA that was on the United States State Department’s list of terrorist organizations until February, 1998. The same KLA that Bill Clinton’s envoy to the Balkans reported as an unquestionably terrorist group.
Both Kosovar President Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Hashim Thai, former members of the KLA, have been indicted for war crimes and criminal activity. In fact, Thai played a large role in financing the movement through heroin and cocaine trafficking. Recognizing Kosovo’s independence is equivalent to approving and condoning  the formation of a terrorist-sponsored state in Eastern Europe.
The media has shown widespread disapproval of the violent public protests in Serbia and Kosovo, and is right to do so. It ignores the acts of public disobedience and destruction, however, on the Albanian side. Since 1999, 80 Christian Orthodox churches have been destroyed by radical Islamists, and a quiet ethnic cleansing has continued to take place over the years.
Though the new government promises the security of the Serbian population, this contradicts its agenda of creating an ethnically diverse state, an agenda openly stated by government officials.
Thus, whether your reason is historical, legal, logical, or humanitarian, Kosovo should not be recognized as an independent state.

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