Faculty Focus: Kara Henry

By Denebola
Published: March 2008

By Julia Lytle, Nicole Melton, and Claire Pezza

Newton South history teacher Kara Henry easily relates to her students. Growing up in Newtown, Connecticut, Henry was a varsity athlete.
She dealt with the pressure of being a student athlete, and understands how much time students commit to their extracurricular activities. She still appreciates her high school experiences and looks back on them fondly.
Henry smiled as she recalled how she made her high school varsity lacrosse team as a freshman. “I had to stand on a table during senior lunch and sing ‘ËœI’m a Little Tea Pot’ with all eyes on me.
In high school, Henry was a member of her school’s swim team, diving team, and soccer team. Sports remained an important part of Henry’s life when she went on to play lacrosse at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and participate in one season of rugby.
Henry also enjoyed sharing her college experience with her Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters. “I won a pie-eating contest. It was against another sorority. I still see friends from college and they will not let me live that down, Henry said.
After double majoring in history and art at Lafayette, Henry attended graduate school at Boston College to receive her Master’s in education.
She was a student teacher at Newton North for one year before coming to South. Henry now teaches world history tenth graders. “I like the age. I can mess around with them and they just get it, Henry said. She also really enjoys teaching the tenth grade curriculum, especially the Cold War unit.
Henry participated this past summer in the joint Newton South and Newton North trip to Prague. “We were there for three weeks, and I loved it. But I really missed my sister. We talk almost every day and it was difficult not communicating for three weeks, Henry said.
She expresses her closeness with her family, especially her siblings. Henry has a brother who is eight years her senior and a sister who is five years older than her.
Continuing her love for sports, Henry became involved in athletics in her first year at Newton South, when she became the coach of both the varsity swimming team and the diving team as well as freshman lacrosse.
In her free time, Henry stays active. She enjoys painting and various outdoor activities, including water sports and running. “I can water ski with one ski! Henry said.
One of Henry’s favorite hobbies may seem strange to some: eating. “Every year on my birthday I have lobster. My mom puts the candles in the claws, Henry said. She is famous within her group of high school friends for completing a dare to eat an entire 18 inch pizza by herself in an hour.
Henry has an appreciation for a variety of gourmet foods. “If my dad’s in town, he treats me to Capital Grille. I’m cheap. She also enjoys going out for sushi or pizza in the North End with her girlfriends.
Henry is an energetic presence around Newton South. Her youthful spirit and understanding of high school’s academic and social pressures make her approachable to all of her students.
Sophomores experience a drastic increase in work from their freshman year. The environment in Henry’s classroom provides students with a comfortable place to adjust and to learn.

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