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Faculty’s got talent

By Denebola
Published: March 2008

By Jenny Yee

The faculty variety show, organized by history teacher Robert Parlin, is a semi-annual event that took place on March 8 this year. All proceeds were used to provide financial aid for exchange programs and school trips. The array of talent exhibited at the show left many students surprised and delighted at their teachers’ gifts.
Masters of Ceremony, English teacher David Weintraub, and history teachers Sean Turley and Jamie Rinaldi started off the evening with a bang, parodying Daft Punk in their introduction.
The trio changed costumes several times throughout the show to mix it up and add to the entertainment.
The emcees even organized a special Jeopardy game that involved audience members as players. Topics included “Mr. Van Beever, “Name that MC, and “Faculty Follies.
The first skit of the night, the English department’s “Let’s Check the Replay, provided insight on how South’s infamous new security measures can be abused. History teachers Paul Estin and Pilar Quezzaire reminded the audience that, “History is Made by Stupid People.
The band Momentary Disorientation, made up of teachers Michael Kozuch, Rachael McNally, Derek Van Beever, and Steve Smith, played “White Light by Wilco, followed by an impassioned version of “Fortunate Son, an anti-war song by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
This band was followed by another band, also featuring McNally and Van Beever. Their band, Sleepyhead, played the songs “Whoville and “The Rail. Sleepyhead is in the process of producing a new CD that is to be released sometime next year.
Faculty members Javier Mendez, Michael Peabody, Karen Sweet, Carrie Hollingsworth, and Frances Moyer, collectively known as Los Merengueros, danced an elegant mix of Latin dances and then called up audience members to join in the festivities.
On the vocal end of talent, Katani Sumner, accompanied by Bette Lupo, Janice Ingemi, and Suzanne DeRobert, gave an incredibly accurate rendition of Aretha Franklin’s signature song, “Respect. Later, math teacher Hayley Teich, sang an a capella solo, “Listen To You. Teachers Robert Jampol, Alan Reinstein, and Steve Smith also sang towards the end of the show.
Principal Brian Salzer, backed by many of the Newton South administrators, got his boogie on as part of an unforgettable last act that caricatured John Travolta’s performance in Saturday Night Fever.
Overall, the faculty variety show was an entertaining, comedic, and fun-filled evening that put South’s  faculty members in a whole new light.

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