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Volume 47 Farewell: We’re moving right along

By Denebola
Published: February 2008

By Olivia DaDalt, Clara Fraden, Jason Kuo, and Alex Schneider

47 is the 15th prime number. It is also a safe prime, a supersingular prime, and a Thabit number (due, of course, to its representation in binary code). 47 is the typical number of strings on a harp. It is Andrei Kirilenko’s jersey number and it is also the country dialing code for Norway (we call Norway a LOT). 47 is also the best volume of Denebola ever. Ok, we’re a little biased.

Our very first article ideas meeting took place at Clara’s house. Olivia cracked a few jokes, but no one laughed. It looked like it was going to be a long volume. Yet between the gaping hole in Clara’s ceiling, the perfectly aligned shoes (props to David Han), and the flamboyant folders (we one-upped Volume 46 on that one), the volume and staff got off to a good start.

That very month, we had our first weekend paste-up, due to the incredible snow storm that threatened to cancel school that Monday. We moved all the computers to Becca’s house in the middle of the blizzard and layed our pages and edited our articles in the cozy warmth of the Goldstein household. It being Friday night, we had a Denebola shabbat, complete with challah and Kosher wine. It was a lesson in appreciating our cultural diversity, and it was magical. By the way, Jason Kuo looks great in a yarmulke.

We realized early on that Alex hates hugs (and pretty much physical contact all together), but not all staff members were as shy with their affection. Ben Seifer showed his respect and reverence for his beloved editor-in-chief Olivia by flipping her chair over and causing her to land flat on the floor. Claire and Clara were engaged, throughout the volume, in a perpetual display of their shared fondness for each other that included kicking, biting, punching, and a now infamous Facebook picture (we would link you, but we can’t get to Facebook from here. Access denied!)

We are so lucky to have had such an amazing and talented staff this volume. We are confident in our ability to can devour more scallion pancakes in a 2-minute period than any other group of people (or extra-terrestrial life forms) in the galaxy. We have talented orators like Nate and Becca of the speech team, and also Dan, who gave a stirring rendition of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address while standing on a tabletop.

The staff of Volume 47 was also extremely dedicated. Skyler carried on the tradition of committed male arts editors, and don’t worry, he’ll be back for Volume 48. Rose Zheng was also a fixture at Denebola and brought a generally sunny atmosphere to the place, unless you asked for a graphic late. Volume 47 editors were constantly prepared to do their best even in the worst conditions as was evident when Andrew and Dan braved vicious colds and came to Grad paste-up with tissues stuffed up their noses, announcing that they were ready to work.

Despite being a serious publication (we’re not a kiddie newspaper, we promise!), Denebola has a number of glorified mascots. Squeaky the pig, property of Claire, represents the fraternity and brotherhood of Denebola and is also small enough to hide in the many nooks and crannies of room 9202, although we prefer to leave it in plain sight. Claire won’t find him anyway. Our other venerable mascot is Stripey the cat. Noble and true, Stripey has become a symbol of Denebola and serves as a means of motivation. He also pukes on the stairs sometimes, so watch your step.

We are also an extremely refined group of individuals. We practice the utmost social courtesies and are planning to introduce our young ladies to Newton South society at the upcoming Denebutante ball. Sometimes, however, we find it appropriate to let our hair down, like our midnight swims in Alex’s pool during Grad (are you surprised?)

Then there were the cameras. We don’t really know what to say about them, everything’s been said already. Olivia woke up to reporters calling her for Denebola interviews on her birthday and just wants some privacy, but with the hidden cameras, she might not get any.

All in all, its been a great volume, and we want to thank everyone who helped us. We couldn’t have done it without you Laura, Colbie, Keke, Sharon, Sharan, Alan (Alan who?), the Professor, and Schmoopy. And who could forget our sponsors, the Tyes, who support both financially and morally. The younger Tyes frequently grace the pages of our publication, and we even count one of their own among our staff.

So thanks again Denebola, you’ve kept us entertained, stressed us out, made us laugh, made us cry (usually cuz we’re laughing so hard), and completely confused us. We can’t imagine our lives without you, and we’re sure you struggle to see how you’ll survive without us, because as Andrew Tye so wisely informed us “without Alex Schneider, no one is safe.

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