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Music videos give songs new depth

Posted By Denebola On February 13, 2008 @ 7:33 pm In Centerfold | Comments Disabled

By Diana Burmistrovich

Whether a scantily clad, woman is gyrating on a pole or vintage wallpaper and vases are being flashed behind a live band, music videos are a glimpse into the artists’ heads.
By watching music videos, listeners are sometimes able to further understand the musician’s intention of the song. Other times, videos seem completely unrelated and confuse listener even more.
When first hearing “Fluorescent Adolescent by the Arctic Monkeys, a listener might think that the song describes a relationship gone sour between a couple because of the lack of excitement in their lives.
Rather than a typical video about a forlorn couple struggling with their problems, Arctic Monkeys showed the relationship between a clown and a boy who grow apart after many years of friendship. The video continues to elaborate with a graphic scene of the clown beating up the boy after he’s grown. Very strange? Most definitely. Hilarious and unexpected? Absolutely. Videos allow serious content to be entertaining while getting a message across without being too cliché.
Music videos can also be outlets for artists to express their beliefs to the public. Eminem’s 1999 video “My Name Is debuted the new artist and bashed many popular artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Marilyn Manson. Eminem also used the video to satirize his otherwise gruesome lyrical story.
Because of his strong opinions in his earliest video, Eminem was propelled his career into a controversial stardom. He became notorious for his opinions and continued to pump out video after video insulting everyone from celebrities to his mother.
Frequently, artists use videos to show their stance on government and politics. In the same video, Eminem depicted then-president Bill Clinton and his infamous Lewinsky scandal. Through “My Name Is, Eminem exposed millions of television viewers to an exaggerated and somewhat sleazy depiction of the president.
Similarly, Rage Against the Machine used their video to express their opinion on corruption in society. The video for Rage’s “Freedom starts out by quoting that “70% of Pine Ridge Reservation lives in poverty. With strong political statements, videos are able to inform and expose facts in a subtle but meaningful way.
With the popularity of music videos in recent years, artists can use different styles to change the way we understand the lyrics and meaning of their songs. Through motion and controversial imagery, videos can completely change a fan’s opinion.

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