Don’t be hatin’ on rap

By Denebola
Published: February 2008

By Matt Rothendler

“Hip hop just died this mornin’, and she’s dead, she’s dead¦ American rapper Nas said. Radio stations and freestyle clubs will argue against that, for if rap is truly dead and gone forever, then rappers such as 50 Cent, Kanye West, Eminem, and Wu-Tang Clan never would have existed.
Rap and hip hop began as small franchises in New York, where they spawned countless rappers and MCs that spread like wildfire around the globe. Currently, it seems a new genre of rap has arrived, one that spreads like a virus to every corner of the United States.

But is this new genre actually rap, or is it something different? Maybe “cRAP? Rap, although not dead, might be comatose. Doesn’t it say something about this music if one can google “Sometime y’all get crimey crimey, grimy grimy. But those with a tiny hiney, they get whiny whiny and actually come up with a result’€Cam’Ron’s “5 Boroughs?
This is not what rap is. Rap is the expression of an opinion through lyrical flow. Although most of the lyrics on the radio today leave much to be desired, its vulgarity is not what is most depressing, but rather the entire lack of originality of most songs.
While the beat alone could make a song worth listening to, most beats are sampled anyway. Try finding the original for a better song with the same beat. For rockers about to throw this article in the trash, don’t hate on Kanye for ‘Ëœstealing’ Daft Punk’s song, because first of all, it’s called a sample, which is the basis of rap, and second of all, Daft Punk did not create that beat. (Gasp!) The original is called Cola Bottle Baby by Edwin Birdsong.
Rap is not the problem’€rappers are. While rap continues to be the name of an extremely large range of music, genres such as Rock have subcategories like Alternative, Punk, Emo, and Death Metal. Even classical music has unique subcategories, but, most likely, South students would be able to name more rappers than classical musicians.
This new generation of American rappers can’t even seem to hold their own and produce a full album.
An increasingly large number of “rappers today are becoming “one hit wonders rather than talented artists; after a few weeks, “Hot women eating cash money in a Lambo with the top down disappears from both the charts and our minds.
“cRAP is taking over the real talent industry, and this is causing the “racial profiling and decline of this particular genre of music. Separating “cRAP from rap would give way to an explosion of a new genre while allowing true rap to expand on its fundamental nature perhaps by branching into subcategories.
Despite naïve thinking that Eminem and Fat Joe are the only “good white rappers, that is far from the truth. Atmosphere, Classified, Sweatshop Union, and Aesop Rock are all examples of successful rappers, not “cRAPPERS.
One could even turn to foreign rap for a new experience without entirely giving up rap.
For a British twist on rap music turn to The Streets, who lighten up the genre of rap a bit by legitimately rapping about standing in line for fish and chips and eyeing hot girls, or another option is well known Israeli rapper, Subliminal. The possibilities are endless; rap doesn’t have to be confined to “cRAPPERS.
By all means, listen to your music of choice; cRAP is not necessarily bad to listen to, but think about the real meaning of each song before listening to it and give yourself a fighting chance to break away from the music that Jammin’ 94.5 tells you to listen to. Rap doesn’t have to speak solely in derogatory terms, but “cRAP usually does.
Though cliché, going outside the comfort zone is a fantastic way to discover a new taste in music. Rap may suit an individual, but his opinion of it has thus far been clouded by “cRAP.
In the end, however, there may actually be something to be learned from popular rappers such as Snoop Dogg, who says, “Remember kids, if you’re planning on bringing your marijuana on a plane, don’t hide it in your shampoo container, unless you plan on going to jail, in which case, the choice is yours.

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