December 2007 Issue

Lebanon pushed into further political turmoil

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Christine Busaba For the seventh time in the past three months, Lebanese politicians stalled parliamentary talks to elect a new president. President Emile Lahoud's term ended on November 23 after serving nine years as president. In his final hours, Lahoud declared that Lebanon was in a state of emergency.
By David Gabriel Although many people, from the media to citizens, choose to draw differences between the Palestinians and Israelis. They ignore the political situation in which Israel was born and the similarities between it and the current Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Israeli settlements may stall peace talks

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Nicole Repina Of the many disagreements and roadblocks towards achieving peace between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab World is the contentious issue of Israel's Jewish settlements in the "occupied territories."

A failing human

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By David Gabriel As the only stable democratic nation amid monarchies, theocracies and oligarchies, Israel has a vested interest in maintaining a strong record on human rights.

Israeli Timeline

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
1917- Balfour Declaration, a British document which promised the Jews an independent state. 1947- U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 divides Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state, and an internationally controlled Jerusalem. 1948- War begins between Israel and five Arab states, war ends in stalemate; Egypt controls Gaza, Jordan controls West Bank and East Jerusalem. 1956-1957- Suez War between Israel supported by Britain and France against Egypt, along the Suez Canal. 1964- ...

United States pushes for peace at Annapolis Conference

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Rebecca Goldstein A front-page New York Times story on November 28 featured a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas shaking hands, with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the wings. Is this a breakthrough, an indication of peace in the near future? Probably not.

Rookie Ellsbury steals the heart of Red Sox Nation

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Laura Glick Boston Red Sox rookie Jacoby Ellsbury stood tall, proud, and relaxed atop a platform at Lasell College in Auburndale on December 7. Arriving in a limo with a small committee of public relations personnel, Ellsbury walked in to a standing audience made up of about 75 members of the Lasell College community and surrounding areas.

Fall Sports Awards: November 28, 2007

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
List of Awards:
By Mark Garrity After a decent season last year the wrestling team is looking forward to hitting the mats once again this winter. The team remains confident even after losing thier best wrestler, Simon Kitzis, to a private school. "Obviously, it is unfortunate to lose a great wrestler," captain Maor Cohen said, "but I think from top to bottom, we are much stronger than we were last year." During practice the team splits into two sections. While one section wrestles, the other section spends time in the weight room.

Athletic Anecdote: Injury Plagued MLB Dreams

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Andrew Klegman It was obvious to me as far back as I can remember that I was destined to be a professional baseball player. When I attended my very first Red Sox game as a toddler, I asked my mom when I was going to get my turn up at bat. In the first year of little league I was one of the few who could actually catch the ball. I had big expectations entering into the Newton Little League majors.

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