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Year in Review

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On January 31, the police found a series of unidentified packages throughout Boston. While the city braced for a terrorist attrack, the packages were discovered to be a guerilla advertisement ploy for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theatres.

Local/Newton South:
Former US president Jimmy Carter spoke at Brandeis University to discuss his book Peace Not Apartheid. He apologized for a sentence published in his book that seemed to justify terrorism saying that future editions will not contain the sentence.


New Jersey governor Jon S. Corzine approved new legislation giving homosexual couples the right to civil unions. New Jersey became the third state in the country to offer civil unions.

Local/Newton South:
Newton South chapter of STAND, the anti-genocide coalition, hosted a Darfur benefit concert with State Radio, a band formed by former Dispatch member Chad Urmston. The concert raised $20,000, which was donated to the Genocide Intervention Network and Save the Children.


On March 12, BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Gaza City by the Durmush Hamula, a militant Palestinian group. The group wished to coerce the British government into releasing several Palestinian prisoners, most notably Abu Qatada. After pressure from Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic militant organization that took over the Gaza Strip during his captivity, Johnston was released on July 4, 114 days after first being captured.

Local/Newton South:
A $16,000 projector was installed in the cafeteria on March 12, providing a new and unusual outlet to showcase upcoming events and announcements throughout the South community.


Seung-Hui Cho killed 33 people and wounded many more on April 16 at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. This massacre became the largest school shooting in American history and raised questions about freedom of privacy for college students.

Local/Newton South:
South’s Social Awareness Club invited Noam Chomsky, MIT professor and political activist, to discuss the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Despite complaints from South parents, principal Brian Salzer supported the Social Awareness Club, allowing for greater discussion at South.


May was the month of “threequels” as Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End hit theaters. While not all of them received rave reviews, Pirates won a spot as the most successful film in 2007.

Local/Newton South:
46 Newton South chorus students sang in a 1607 person chorus, part of the monumental 400th anniversary of the settling of Jamestown. While Queen Elizabeth III was a no-show, President Bush and other dignitaries attended and spoke at the event.


The space shuttle Atlantis was launched on June 8 to refuel the International Space Station. The shuttle returned to Edwards Air Force Base in California on June 22. The mission was fraught with complications including a torn thermal plate and faulty computer problems.


At midnight on July 21, fans lined up in bookstores worldwide to purchase a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last installment of the Harry Potter series. The seventh book, which sold more than 8.3 million copies in the US on its first day, marked the end of an era.

Local/Newton South:
Over 15 million Internet video streams broadcast the Live Earth concert on July 7, setting a new record for online entertainment. The concert brought together over 150 artists at 11 venues to fight climate change.


Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick agreed to pled guilty to charges of conspiracy in a dogfighting ring. He admitted to funding dogfighting activities and helping to kill pit bulls, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison on December 10.

Six miners were trapped August 6 in Crandall Canyon mine when a seismic shudder caused rubble to fill passageways out of the mine. A second collapse, ten days later, killed three rescue workers and injured six others. Four weeks after the initial collapse, the search was shut down, and the mine was sealed and closed.


Local/Newton South:
The hall in between the cafeteria and the library became much more colorful this September with the addition of a mural, painted by Bren Bataclan of the Smile Boston Project. Its purpose is to bring smiles to the faces of South students as they pass by the characters.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned after performing poorly in Congressional hearings and not answering congressional inquiries. The hearings were in response to the firing of 11 US Attorneys appointed by the Bush administration. The Justice Department claimed that the attorneys were fired for performance-related problems; all of them, however, either prosecuted Republican wrongdoers or refused to prosecute Democrats. Ultimately many Republicans in Congress joined Democrats in calling for Gonzales’ resignation.


Local/Newton South:
They can fly! South Stage dazzled audiences with its outstanding, sold-out performances of Peter Pan. This year’s fall play had it all: British accents, pirates, fairies, and men in tights.

After breaking their 86 year curse in 2004, the Red Sox hit another one out of the park and won the World Series, sweeping the Colorado Rockies 4-0. Fans of Dustin Pedroia had extra cause for celebration: the second baseman won Rookie of the Year.


Competing researchers at the Kyoto University in Japan and the University of Wisconsin independently discovered a method to turn human skin cells into cells that mimic the characteristics of embryonic stem cells. While the results are still in an early stage of research, the new discovery could bring an end to the debate over human stem cell research and end the controversial debate that surrounds the issue.

Local/Newton South:
The Newton South girls’ Cross-country team came in first place at the All States championship held at Franklin Park. The team beat out many competitors including Lincoln-Sudbury, their longstanding rival.


Local/Newton South:
Beginning during J-Block on December 20, Mr. Salzer will host a “Winter Wonderland” that is to continue until sunset. The wonderland will feature horse and sleigh rides lasting ten minutes for groups of 15. Hot cocoa and cookies will also be served for the 12 groups signed up to participate. Salzer hoped to enhance the experience by inviting the chorus to sing, “Wouldn’t it be fun if [the choir] was singing Christmas carols while we were riding on the horsies?” Salzer said of the event.

It was revealed that the CIA destroyed tapes containing footage shot in 2002 of harsh methods used on two alleged terrorists. The CIA destroyed the tapes in 2005 despite advice from the White House, Justice Department, and Congress to the contrary.

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