Book Review

The Polar Express

By Marissa Leavitt
Published: December 2007

Author: Chris Van Allsburg

One of my favorite holiday children’s books is The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The book instills holiday cheer and wonderment of the North Pole.

One Christmas Eve, a boy who questions the legitimacy of Santa is woken up and astounded to find a steam engine full of children parked in front of his house. After the conductor welcomes him onto the train, the boy and the other children are taken to a ceremony at Santa’s Factory for the distribution of the first Christmas gift. The boy could not be more pleased that out of all of the children, Santa chooses him to receive a special Christmas bell, but unfortunately loses it due to a hole in his bathrobe pocket.

When the boy wakes up the next morning, he finds the bell in a box under his Christmas tree. The catch is that only he and his sister can hear it, because they still believe in the magic of Christmas. The illustrations throughout the book are very distinct amd have a hazy edge to help maintain the fantasy of the story. The Polar Express is an astounding Christmas picture book that allows children to rejoice in the festivity of the holiday.

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