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Santa’s Stuck: By Rhonda Gowler Greene

Posted By Denebola On December 19, 2007 @ 4:24 pm In Book Review | Comments Disabled

By Mike Norris

What is the best Christmas story? In upcoming weeks, you will hear this question fluttering around the halls like a bird migrating south for the winter.When you hear this the next time, you must interject with “Santa’s Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene is the greatest, most influential Christmas story ever to grace God’s green earth!”
I was talking with my friend Nadav Swarttz, an expert on the subject, and he agreed whole-heartedly that Santa’s Stuck is the best Christmas story there ever was.

Rhonda Gowler Greene exhibits her mastery of the English language throughout the book with rhyming phrases and witty puns. Greene does not just give us a cute tale about Santa Claus; she also digs into our souls and brings out the Christmas spirit.

In the book, Santa Claus, the man responsible for giving out presents to those Christians who have been “nice” and not “naughty”, is stuck in a chimney because of his overfilling meal in the North Pole.

Throughout the book, all of Santa’s close companions try to help him out of the chimney. The reindeer tries with the help of a dog, but Santa remains trapped in the brick tomb. At the end of the story, the unexpected duo of a mouse and toy truck finally release Santa from his entrapment.

Greene juxtaposes Santa being stuck with life in a very subtle way. Santa was stuck in the chimney, and eventually got out with the help of someone he would never guess, just like in life you will receive the help of others that you would never guess in order to succeed.
Greene shows that Christmas is the holiday of love, and in doing so, she smashes your funny bones, leaving you laughing on the floor in a pool of your own blood and tears.

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