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Denebola » Article » Fall Sports Awards: November 28, 2007

Fall Sports Awards: November 28, 2007

By Denebola
Published: December 2007

List of Awards:
DCL All-Stars: Miles Bellinger, Derek Russell, Isaiah Quinones
110% Award: Rob Poutas

Boys Cross-country:
DCL All-Stars: Andrew Wortham, Cameron Fen, John Beck,
Ben Finch, Sasha Long, Will Cha, Emerson Shiu
110% Award: John Beck

Girls’ Soccer:
DCL All-Stars: Deborah Collins, Jenny Howe, Danielle Pensack
110% Award: Sari Krumholz

Boys Soccer:
DCL All-Stars: Mike Soboff, Ali Garfinkle, Matt Corson,
John Mitkevicius, Brian Lui, Alex Casler
110% Award: Mike Soboff

Shone Award:
Isaiah Quinones

Girls’ Cross-country:
DCL All-Stars: Melanie Fineman, Sonya Freeman, Olga Golovkina,
Madeleine Reed, Juliet Ryan-Davis, Hannah Westbrook
110% Award: Sonya Freeman

DCL All-Stars: Courtney Chaloff, Sarah Marquis
110% Award: Courtney Chaloff

Field Hockey:
DCL All-Stars: Sara Mason, Lauren Sachar,
Marie Tanaka, Lauren Wynn
110% Award: Emily Ronkin

DCL All-Stars: Josh Belowich, Bob Marulli, Jesse Zorfas
110% Award: Josh Belowich

110% Award: Katie Spink

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