December 2007 Issue

Secret cameras installed

By Jason Kuo and Nathan Yeo | Published: December 2007
Without notifying the public, administrators in the Newton Public Schools installed five security cameras at Newton South at the beginning of the 2007 school year. According to Principal Brian Salzer, the Newton Public Schools installed the cameras in response to an increase of vandalism and theft last year, in which several boy's bathrooms were vandalized and items were stolen from locker rooms.The cameras are not yet operational, and Salzer is unsure when the installation will be completed. Technicians recently installed software that would allow his computer to view the cameras's footage from the past 31 days.

Letter from Superintendant Young

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
An Open Letter to the Community Regarding Security Issues in the Newton Public Schools January 10, 2008 I am writing this letter to answer the many questions that arose around the placement of security cameras at Newton South High School and to propose some next steps to address whether or not we wish to use cameras or other technologies to assist with security in our schools, how we would use these items if we had them, and the implications of surveillance on students and adults within our buildings. As the situation at Newton South High School has captured public attention in recent weeks, I want to tell you exactly what happened there.

Girls’ Basketball team looks to state tournament

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Kaleb Alperin Hoping to bounce back from a discouraging past season, the girls' basketball team works day and night in hopes of a better season this year. Well, maybe not nights, but the team has put in overtime to improve their record. Last year's record of 3-16 left something to be desired, as South finished eighth in the DCL, just above Boston Latin. They didn't make the state tournament. "Last year didn't go too well," junior Jacquelyn Hom said. "We didn't have many wins, but it was fun. We'll take it as a learning experience for this year."

Book Review: Alex Tolkin, Class of 2009

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything by Gordy Slack certainly has lofty ambitions. It hopes, in a two- hundred-page volume, to use a recent sensational court case in Dover, Pennsylvania, to make a broader point about the fundamental divisions in belief among Americans and citizens of the larger world. It hopes to clarify the issues that seem to separate religion and science, and would like to reaffirm the importance of reason in an increasingly unreasonable world, and to increase the average American's skepticism when one or another American claims to have found Truth.

Faculty Focus: Joanna Norton

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Julia Lytle and Claire Pezza Newton South's newest wellness teacher, Joanna Norton, is quickly making a name for herself among students. She is grateful to have the opportunity to fulfill her goal of teaching high school students and is looking forward to her first official year here at South.

Short Story

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Morgan Seiler Our rock was the largest rock you could see on the beach. It had been a castle, an island, a mountain, and much more¦.but it lost its majesty the year we could sit on the edge and our feet would brush the ground.

Vue du Sommet: Jeannie Yoon

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Jeannie Yoon I'm a senior, and in true senior fashion I'm writing and turning this article in late. Like, whatever, I do what I want, I'm a senior. All you people who aren't seniors can get out of my face because I'm a senior. Denebola was all like, "Hey where's your View from the Top?" and I said, "Get off my back, yo, I'm a senior!" But seriously. I am. A senior.

WealthQuest for Teens reveals

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
By Marty Loew What does it take to become wealthy? Malden High School English teacher, Jill Suskind, looks to provide teenagers with the answers to this question through a specialized seminar, WealthQuest for Teens.

Year in Review

By Denebola | Published: December 2007

Book Review: Sally Rosen, Science Department

By Denebola | Published: December 2007
Conservative'€even fundamentalist'€forces today are like Counter-Reformation waves smashing against one contemporary institution after another. A notable targets is science, and for those in Dover, Pennsylvania, USA, recently, the effect was like living the Scopes Trial, on HBO.

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